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How to decorate like SHP!

SHP is nationally recognized as a leader in planning, designing and managing facilities for college industries clients in higher education, vocational/technical and community college industries.

Get to know them with us, today!ARTSPACE HAMILTON

Artspace is a national, nonprofit real estate developer that specializes in creating unique, affordable spaces where artists can live and work. SHP did and incredible project with this space!SPH Lights on the wall is an amazing touch!SPH Here is our suggestion for wall lamps!SPHNORTH DEARBORN LIBRARY

This Library decor is just simply unique! The color and detail in making it a magical space to impulse creativity says a lot about the importance that every detail that SPH gives to every space that builds and decorates!

So if you love books and want your own personal library follow the talent of this amazing company, create an interesting space by using color and exposing details about the things you love! Like travels, for example! SPH GYRO: HSR CINCINNATI OFFICES

This office shows a lot of organization i the space, as you can see the important meeting take place in an individual room which shows openness by allowing the people who pass by to understand what is happening in the room!SPH Here is our suggestion if you are looking for a look like this: SPHSHP LEADING DESIGN CINCINNATI OFFICE

This is one of the main offices of SHP in Cincinnati and it look very organized do to the use of clean lines and and simple colors!

Pantone colors are indeed a good choice for every office!SPH Here is our Suggestion of lighting to decorate the entrance of any office! SPHThe meeting room with an interesting touch in the wall which will enable the individuals having a meeting to have a different  perspective of the discussion by generating more ideas.SPHHere is another suggestion for lighting decor in conference rooms:SPHHOBSONS, INC

A firm that brings together educational and corporate recruiters with the students they want to reach worldwide was decorated by SHP with the intense use of bright and phenomenal colors! Take a look atthis example even if it is to redecorate your personal office!SPHSPH

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