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Fabuluos Designer and HGTV Host Emily Henderson

Let us get acquainted with a famous designer Emily Henderson who has a variety of ideas how to create different design styles in order to make your rooms tailored perfectly to each homeowner’s style. This is a person, whose imagination will impress anyone. What if get to to know more about her.

Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson describes herself and all her team – We are a design/style LA based company specializing in mixing eclectic styles on moderate budgets. Also we have a strange amount of fun blogging about all our design and style adventures. Right now I’m happy to say that I’m Target’s home spokesperson, bringing accessible/stylish design to the masses.

Fabuluos Designer and HGTV Host Emily Henderson

What if we speak about Design philosophy of Emily Henderson. It is incredibly unique in all terms of design industry.

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Fabuluos Designer and HGTV Host Emily Henderson

Henderson says – I believe a room is soulless without something that is vintage or antique. I believe an object or piece of furniture should be either functional, beautiful, or sentimental and if can be all three then that is design magic. I believe that comfort comes first, but style is a close second. I believe a home should look like the person that inhabits it, not a catalog, not what you think others would like — but really, truly like you. I believe that a perfect house is like a perfect person; no one really wants to be around them and everyone secretly hates them. Be the weird person. Be the interesting person, the person that sometimes says inappropriate things or laughs too loud at jokes, and have your home reflect who you are.

Fabuluos Designer and HGTV Host Emily Henderson


Fabuluos Designer and HGTV Host Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson has her own TV show Secrets From a Stylist where the talented designer helps the homeowners discover their individualized personal taste.

Fabuluos Designer and HGTV Host Emily Henderson

Well, it seems to me that Emily Henderson is not only a great designer and HGTV host, but also a mother, an amazing personality and very beautiful woman in general.

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