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How To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating Ideas


Are you a college student ready to embrace this new experience? Is interior design one of your passions? Well, here you will find some decorating ideas to bring that comfort feel of home, to your bedroom!

How To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating Ideas

With the beginning of September, it’s time to go back to school… Summer is over, and it’s time to get serious. In these month many young boys and girls are going to college, excited but afraid of what is coming… So is essential that they feel safe in their small bedroom or dorm space. You know what I’m talking about right? That warm and comfy environment that you have in your own home…

Well, here I’m going to share with you some tips as an inspiration for your own personal interior decoration project. So design lover or not put on your interior designer custom, because it’s time to work.

How To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating Ideas

  1. Peek your color shades: as you know different colors can have different meanings, so although many people don’t appreciate them, they are actually super important. Whether is your blanket or on your pillowcase, it’s important that you choose the color that suits you the best. For example yellow, it’s the color of communication. Connected with de sunlight, it will also stimulate your intellect and your appetite!How To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating IdeasHow To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating Ideas
  2. Add a unique mirror: The mirror helps you not to feel so lonely. Besides giving you that feel of the company, it’s also super useful for you to make sure that your outfit is what you expected.How To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating Ideas
  3. Hang some photos: an image talks better than a thousand words right? Well your best moments, that you will always remember, I bet you have a photograph of it. These are the ones to choose because they will make feel less homesick, and give your dorm or bedroom a comfy feeling.How To Change a Room With These 4 Decorating Ideas
  4. Decorate with fairy string lights: these lights are kind of a trend in worm dorms or bedrooms. They will add to the space a little extra, so you can feel comfy and warm, and also not so lonely. It’s a little thing that makes all the difference, trust me!

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