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Tips to make your entryway look luxurious

Home and Decoration presents you today tips to make your entryway look luxurious.

An entryway gives visitors their first impressions of a home. Small details like an eye-catching arrangement of fresh flowers, well-placed mirror, or comfortable seat for taking off shoes can make guests feel immediately welcome from the moment they arrive.

Whether you opt for a statement classic entrance hall, contemporary or minimal, carefully considered design and décor choices such as color palette, textures, feature details and furniture go a long way in enhancing the experience of entering your home, and set the tone for the lifestyle you want your home to convey. While each entrance is unique and personal, everyone can use some advice about how to make a foyer serve its purpose well. Here are some tips for how an entrance can be made inviting and luxurious in any setting.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Koi center table and Sika armchair from Brabbu, Stanley floor lamp by Delightfull)

Just as it’s important for there to be a place to set down gifts or handbags upon arrival in your home, there should also be a place to sit in case a change of footwear is required. Some chairs or a small table are both good options to make an entrance feel cozier, comfortable and prepared for visitors.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Cuzco Rug, Nazca sideboard and Cay wall lamp, all by Brabbu)
Whether a home has carpeting or hardwood floors, rugs add a soft, welcoming touch to an entryway. Carpets are a great way to show off your personal style and treat guests’ feet to some softness.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Majestic sideboard and Aquarius center table, by Boca do Lobo)

Flowers and branches are appropriate any time of year, from the first appearance of tulips and crocuses in the spring to cheerful holly and evergreen wreaths in December.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Allure table, Vivre chandelier and Enchanted chairs by Koket)

On an estate with a garden, the foyer can provide a highly visible place for bringing the outdoors inside, depending on what is in bloom. Change it up depending on the time of year and celebrate the seasons: whether elegant or whimsical, seasonal wreaths and plantings are fun and welcoming.

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make your entryway look luxurious

(Soho Sideboard and Tiffany stool by Boca do Lobo)

The most personal touch of all for a stylish entryway is a work of art that tells guests something about the hosts’ tastes and personalities. Entrances are the ideal space for hanging images as they often provide just enough wall space for a medium-sized painting, photograph, or print.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Robin Mirror and Lapiaz console by Boca do Lobo)

Mirrors gained popularity in the era before electric light because they amplified candlelight, allowing family and friends to talk, enjoy a drink, and play cards well after sundown.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Glance mirror by Boca do Lobo and Untamed Console from Koket)

They still serve numerous practical purposes from a design perspective. Mirrors can create the illusion of a bigger space in a room.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Piccadilly Mirror and Emporium chair, by Boca do Lobo)

While their decorative frames can add color and interest to a wall, mirrors also offer both hosts and guests the chance to do a quick style check.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Cygnus Display by Brabbu)
If nothing else, an entrance should echo the look and feel of a home. The entrance is a way to introduce the aesthetic of the rest of the house immediately on arrival.

make your entryway look luxurious

(Diamond Emerald sideboard, the iconic piece of Boca do Lobo)

Get inspired by these tips to make your entryway look luxurious!

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