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Top 10 Closet Design Ideas

Every girl wants the perfect closet. But having everything stored on the right place is not always easy, because have lots of clothes and girl stuff and you don’t know what is the best and more racional way to get dressed in like 5 min. So take a look at this top 10 ideas every girl needs to try in their closet and get inspired!

1. Start by decluttering

best closet design ideas

Give away that oldest clothes you always keep but never use. It may be scary, because you always need every single piece, but it’s the best way to start…and you even do some charity!

2. Choose the best hangers 

best closet design ideas

Always match your hangers and try to use the best ones you can. It’s perfect to have a clean look in your closet and  it will help you to have things organized. And by the ways your softest fabric deserve some love and care.

3. Use Storage

best closet design ideas

If you cannot afford to have a big and wide closet in your bedroom, you can always make use off another room in your house to storage your clothes. It’s as fashionable as having a walking-in-closet, because in the end what matters is having one anyway.

4. Fit your needs

best closet design ideas

The easier way to have the best closet design is to make use off the different storage units matching all your needs. In other words, all you want is organization, so use different drawers to store all your folded items, use the hangers for your dresses, coats and blouses and for your accessories like scarfs and jewelery use boxes.

5. Store by color

best closet design ideas

It may sound a little obsessive, but organizing your clothes by color is the best way. It is easier to find exactly what you are looking for and it helps you get ready much faster.

6. Save space

best closet design ideas

A closet is all about space, so if you want to save it as much as you can to storage all your clothes and shoes, the best way to do that is using vertical space. And it either will help you finding all your clother faster.

7. Use Lighting 

best closet design ideas

Yes, lighting is something people often forget to use in a closet, but if you add some lighting, as simple as it is, makes all difference. And with light you can actually find that clothing you never use because you forgotten it’s there.

8. Store by season

best closet design ideas

This idea fits better for those who cannot have a huge closet. So if that’s the case, organize your closet by leaving your clothes separated by season, and get you out-of-season clothes stored in boxes up high inside the closet, or under your bed.

9. Use a mirror

best closet design ideas

If your are at list a little bit vain, you already thought about the mirror. But this is a basic rule for every girl that wants to have the perfect closet design. It does not need to be a giant mirror, but you have to have one, because vanity aside, the mirror inside the closet will prevent you from spreading your clothes all around the bedroom and the house.

10. Use the nooks

best closet design ideas

To finish your perfect closet design, you have to use every space you can inside the closet, so the best way to do that is to use that apparently unnecessary nooks to store your belts, scarfs or hats.


Already in a mood for a closet change? Get started!

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