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10 Amazing Luxury Home Amenties


Technology is constantly changing, and improving the mediocre chores in our daily life. Who would have thought that all of the new improvements in technology would actually help those boring chores, turn into amazing pieces of furniture from the future? Clearly, home automation systems are there to help make your life a little easier, but did you know there are actual “luxurious” items for your home, that can help create the pampered life you have always dreamed of?

Most of these pieces of technology range anywhere from lighting fixtures, the way you control the temperature in your home, to the very finite details of controlling your TV. By taking a look at these home automation systems, not only are you doing your home a favor, but you’re doing yourself a favor as well and of course, they’re all customizable.

Your home is a representation of yourself and with these pieces of technology you’ll definitely be setting yourself up for the life of wealth and leisure. So why not upgrade and see what life can be like on the side of luxury. Make your home the best it can be with these features that will make living in your home just that much more comfortable.


10. Phillips Hue – $200


With Philips Hue, you’ll definitely fall in love with your home all over again. This light bulb will have you re-think lighting; with it set up to your iPhone, you can control the color, brightness, and the power of your lights. Ever take a picture with beautiful colors? By opening the picture through your Hue app, you can download a color to your Hue, and have it light up your home on command

This magical light bulb also helps set you up for when you’re getting home late from work, or away on vacation. By setting a timer, you’ll never walk into a dark home again. Another awesome feature: set your Hue to the color of the sunrise, and have automatic slow dimmer lights wake you up, instead of that annoying alarm clock! Philips Hue is a small customization you can make to your home, however the price still comes in at $200 for 5 bulbs.


9. Remote Control Window Dressing – $400


Remember the luxurious home in the movie, The Proposal? Now you can have those awesome remote control window dressings that automatically open and close your blinds to help bring in the light! Who wants to actually go up to each window and open it yourself? These remote control installations can be easily placed into your home, and leave you with a pampered style of living.

To make it even more personal, there are millions of different styles to choose from, making it that much easier to make it your very own. These operating systems will have you feeling like you’re living in a suite penthouse. These beautiful accessories come at a minimum price of $400, depending on the style and window.


8. Nest Thermostat – $400


Who has not had a fight about turning the heater on and off? Well, with the Nest Thermostat, you’ll never be in arguments again. This futuristic technology to place in your home gets to know the real you, by learning your habits. When you first purchase the Nest, you’ll set the heater like you normally do, and within a couple of weeks, Nest is doing all of the work for you.

The Nest also realizes when the house is empty, and automatically turns down the heat to save from wasting any unnecessary energy. It’s incredibly small and fashionable so this thermostat will not hinder the look of your home. After buying the Nest, you can also include a package of the Nest Project; keeping the safety of your home in complete lock down with a fire alarm system. If you’re in the mood to never touch the heater again, look no further because the Nest is what you need with a minimum asking price of $400.


7. Sonos – $500


Sonos, the wireless HiFi, can now be installed in your very own home. Not only does it offer impeccable sleekness to the already lavish part of your home, but it offers amazing and quality sound as well. If you are a movie or music lover, you will definitely want to put the Sonos on your next Christmas wish list. Sonos offers a wide variety of speakers to choose from which allows you to customize your selection and get exactly what you wish.

The Sonos Play 5 allows you to stream your entire music library, as well as any radio station. Of course, it’s controlled wirelessly, so it will be even easier for you to set up that lavish party. Not only does it offer a sophisticated design, but you will be the best party on the block with one of these bad boys. If you have an extra $500 stashed away, a speaker can be all yours.


6. Vacuum Systems – $1000


Ever wished your house could just clean up after itself? Your wish is now granted. These vacuum systems are set up by a central space to suck down all the dust in either a basement, or garage. Almost like the cleaning ducts in a pool, your home will have a couple of those sprinkled throughout the house, where you see fit. By installing these vacuum systems into your home, you can go back to doing all the things you actually love to do, like living the high-life.

By installing one of these systems in your home, you will be able to worry about more important things, and let your house do the rest of the work. If you are looking into making sure your next dream house includes the best vacuum system, be sure to save around $1,000.


5. Oled Tv – $9000


Having a TV is always an important amenity within your home, but having an Oled TV is a whole other level. An Oled TV (standing for organic light emitting diodes) is the new look to TV because they are; brighter, more efficient, and thinner.

They have a better viewing angle, helping everyone in the house have a great seat. With all of the different TV’s out there, this one offers a futuristic proof guarantee so you’ll want this in your home for years on end. This TV holds pure elegance and refined status, and will completely change the look of your home.


4. Heated Floor – $10000


The worst things about waking up in the morning on a cold winters day is knowing you have to put your feet on the cold floor. So why not change that? By installing a heated floor into your home, you’ll never have to fear the cold again. There are several different styles of floors you can recreate in your home, including marble, stone, or wood.

It gets even better because you can pick which room, and how much flooring in the room you would like heated. With heated floors, you will never want to leave your house, and you will feel like you own your very own spa. Depending on the square footage, and the style of flooring you choose for your elegant home, you’ll have a quoting price anywhere from $9,000-$10,000.


3. Car Turntables – $11000


Car turntables can be easily installed into your driveway or garage to help implement a small space, or simply if you just want to show off your amazing car. Don’t just think these rotating driveways are for the car shows, because you can in fact have one of your very own!

You can get multiple sizes of car turntables to perfectly fit a specific space, and design the particular slab that gets placed; concrete, marble, etc. If you’re looking at getting one of these fancy driveways in your house, you’ll have a small asking price of $11,000.


2. Intelligent Glass – $40000


Intelligent glass, or smart glass, is the newest craze to include in your home. These are like the mirrors you’d see on the futuristic movies, and only wished you could have it in your home. Thanks to the company, Intelligent Glass, this dream can now become a reality. By installing one of these into your home, you’re opening your life up to a wondrous and exciting life of luxury.

By a simple on/off switch, your smart glass will change from clear, to opaque. Think about the amount of privacy you can create, with the touch of a button and it doesn’t look any different than a regular pane of glass. Not only does smart glass offer a privacy feature, but it can be used to project TV images and video. If you’re looking to save money for the Intelligent Glass be sure to aim your budget around $40,000.


1. Floor Plan Light Switch- Still Unknown 


This concept of a floor plan for your lighting system is so extravagant and brilliant, that it isn’t even on the market yet. However, most people are estimating that the asking price will be around $50,000. The design was produced by Taewon Hwang, and is hoping to get it manufactured soon.

This genius and inventive idea is a light switch that represents the floor plan of your home. No more getting confused on what light switch is what, and actually save energy on your home! This is definitely the final aspect to finish off a home. You new home will not only be unique due to all the customization, but also because it will be dripping with all the newest luxurious options in home automation.

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