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10 Sexy Yachts To Impress Any Woman


What seafaring woman doesn’t love a romantic getaway on a luxurious yacht? Or how about an invitation to go aboard one of these sexy yachts for a private, five-star dinner for two, al fresco?

We’ve searched the globe looking for the sleekest yachts that will attract women of all types; from elegant to adventurous. Of course, they all come with incredible dressing tables, walk-in closets and shower/bathing areas for sprucing up after a day at the yacht’s pool. Having a crew on boats of this size is generally a must, but when you’re trying to impress your woman, it’s so nice to be worry-free to keep your focus where it should be, on her.

All of these luxury liners are big enough to host parties of all sizes and even offer a few guests a place to crash if they’ve done a little too much celebrating.

Buying a sexy yacht doesn’t necessarily mean the largest or the most expensive. What it does mean, however, is the boat includes every luxurious amenity and that the owner’s finances are among the elite.

For this list, we selected those that are privately owned, although there are phenomenal yachts that can be chartered and come complete with a full crew for around $1,000 per person, per week. You can even opt in for a private chef, helicopter and equipment for water sports.

So even if you don’t happen to have a net worth over $5,000,000 but still have a strong desire to impress your women, there are definitely options that are viable and available. In the meantime, set your financial compass high in the event you want to, someday, own one of these glamorous toys that opulently spells success. Set your sails for Cannes, Antibes, Nice or Greece! There are inviting and adventurous destinations all over the world.


10. Mochi Craft Dolphin – $950.000


Here’s a sporty little yacht that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, the Mochi Craft Dolphin is made in Italy and perfect for hopping around along the French, Spanish and Italian rivieras. Hop inside through the cockpit versus the traditional swim platform entry in the back. The Mochi Craft Dolphin comes with two large sleeping chambers. The master has a platform queen bed that looks like it’s floating providing an airy feel to the room. The other chamber is more typical for guests. The Mochi motors up to almost 40 mph with a cruising speed of nearly 30 mph. You can really impress others with this yacht without looking too extravagant.


9. Pershing 72 – $1.040.250


This eye-catching yacht is perfect for a fun-filled date. It can be manufactured with two or three cabins, depending on your needs. The former allows for an addition of a private dining salon or bar saloon. The master suite includes a walk-in closet, vanity, chaise, large shower and is located away from the other cabins for the ultimate in privacy. The cockpit has a sunroof that is retractable, leather upholstery and state-of-the-art controls. The Pershing 72 makes for a comfortable and intimate party boat.


8. Azimut 625 – $1.250.000


Azimut creates quite a few impressive luxury yachts known for their sleek, Italian designs. Only 62 feet in length, this high quality vessel couples innovative features with luxury execution making this one impressive ride. The owner’s cabin has six windows with underwater lights for night time. The entire interior is spacious and efficiently planned. LCD TVs, electronic hatches, a submersible swim platform and a VIP stateroom with queen bed – for guests, all add to this yacht’s charm and desirability.


7. Ferretti 780 – $2.150.000



This smallish yacht is fit for a weekend getaway. Pack your bags and surprise her with a little trip on your Ferretti 780, which is only 79-feet in length and perfect for finding places to moor without too much advance notice. Still a luxury yacht and priced higher than others this size, this stunning vessel offers spacious sunbathing areas, a master cabin, large cockpit and a garage for water sports equipment. It can accommodate up to eight overnight guests. The maximum speed is 33 knots, the interior is air conditioned and there’s a washer and dryer on board. The features and layout make the Ferretti 780 nearly party-ready.


6. Sirius of Man – $2.700.000


With a high speed of 40 knots, the Sirius of Man, built by Sunseeker, is sophisticated, sleek and comfortable. It has two wooden decks, four cabins, one of which is a master suite, and room for three crew members. It’s a sporty and contemporary design for being 100-feet in length yet part of the space is the garage which has room for storing a couple water sport toys, like jet skis and rafts.


5. Pershing 115 – $16.660.000



The Pershing 115 is 115-feet in length and as sleek as they come. It’s a sleek, elegant and Italian designed, so it’s interior is as gorgeous as the silver exterior. With a cruising speed of 43 knots, it can push up to 55, which is pretty fast for a boat of this size. The deck is plush and has an adjustable table for multiple uses, a private sunbathing deck, a solarium and a roomy and futuristic-looking cockpit. The upper salon was designed by the Italian designer, Vittoria Vangelis, and is contemporary and modern. This yacht is so impressive it gets applause when it shows up on the French Riviera.


4. The Oculus – $95.000.000




Chic from head-to-toe, the Oculus was designed by E. Kevin Schopfer, founder of Schopfer Yachts LLC. This unique-looking vessel can comfortably accommodate 12-14 guests in the beautifully decorated interior that has 12-foot high ceilings, central air conditioning and an elevator. The owner’s deck is on the second level with the bedrooms and central living area filling much of this enormous yacht (250-feet in length). This is one of the most impressive yachts around today, as it is unique and extremely powerful.


3. Project Mars – $162.000.000


This futuristic design is so unique, it almost looks like a giant submarine. It’s sleek and sophisticated with an interior that is rustic and warm – replete with neutral colored leathers and paint. The master suite on the cabin deck, is customized with an in-suite lounge, fireplace, dressing area, gigantic bathroom and a floating island bed. There is also a large swim platform, a gym, Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room. It is so romantic, she will never want to leave.


2. Rising Sun – $330.000.000



Currently co-owned by David Geffen, the Rising Sun is 454 feet long and is said to have 82 rooms, a movie theater, sauna, gym, swimming pool, wine cellr and a basketball court that doubles as a helicopter landing pad. Designed by Jon Bannenberg and built for co-owner, Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle Corporation, with over 86,000 square feet of living space. What a spectacular yacht for hosting a vacation party. This yacht even has space for storing a private submarine.


1. Azzam – $605.000.000



In 2013, the Azzam was determined to be the fastest and largest privately owned superyacht. Before the Azzam was created, Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse was the top dog. This incredible motor yacht is 591-feet in length and was made and launched in Germany less than a year ago. We’re sure every woman we know would be beyond impressed and eager to experience the ultimate in yacht luxury. To date, this yacht is still the largest in the world and can cruise over 30 knots, which is impressive for the size. The Azzam is the quintessential yachting experience that any woman would love.

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