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Today, you’ll see the Hotels Interior design trends for 2014 at Homeandecoration.com.

1. Blurring Indoor-Outdoor Boundaries

“Sensory experiences go a long way. This “principle” was well integrated in the array of services offered by modern hotel owners, who struggle to keep the indoor outdoor transition as “ethereal” as possible. Not only are hotel rooms expanded through large decks and terraces, but nature is brought inside in every possible way. Wood paneling, stone decorations, lush greenery, indoor waterfalls- these are just some of the elements employed to release the tension of hotel guests.”

hotel-interior-design-ideas 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS hotel interior design ideas

2. Personalized Spaces

“It is a fact that the memory of a hotel stays with guests a long, long time if the accommodation experience is unique. With this in mind, hotel owners personalize spaces as never before. Pop-up hotels, and modular hotels are new concepts slowly gaining interest in the industry. Themed guestrooms also have a strong impact, especially when visitors can only try one at a time.”

the-world-of-designers-hotels-108-citizen-m-l-L-ESh5Dm-e1383988307559 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS the world of designers hotels 108 citizen m l L ESh5Dm e1383988307559

3. A Home Away From Home

“More than anything, hotel rooms should provide comfort, that feeling of a home away from home. No matter how luxurious, technology friendly and weird-themed the room, coziness is a major factor to consider. Wood additions, inspired decorating items, carpets, curtains, a fireplace, a TV set and the possibility to play your guest’s favorite music- all these adds up to a memorable stay.”

home-away-from-home 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS home away from home

4. Lobbies envisioned as dynamic multi-use spaces

“The importance of entrance lobbies is growing, as social encounters become more and more dependent on this particular hotel area. With the new business traveling trend, hotel lobbies should provide a multi-use space for casual as well as formal talks, working on laptops, plugging in various devices. More extravagant entrance features in today’s emerging hotel market include large green walls, indoor waterfalls, large chandeliers and multimedia stations.”

Interior-Design-of-Five-Star-Hotel-Lobby 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS Interior Design of Five Star Hotel Lobby

5. Green Features

“Sustainability is a delicate issue for hotel owners, as they are doing their best to minimize short term costs. But being ahead of the game is important, which sometimes leads to innovative ideas. Over-sized windows for natural lighting, natural building materials, green walls and green roofs, recycling bins for guests, electronic water faucets, locally grown food for cooking and graywater recycling are just a few of the hotel trends for staying green.”

green-wall-hotel-950x633 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS green wall hotel 950x633

6. Rethinking Guestroom Configurations

“No longer is the classic bed-table-locker combo enough to make a hotel room feel inviting. In today’s world guests expect surprises and where else, but away from home. Probably why each interior in the modern hospitality industry is very different from the next. Creative offices for business travelers, interesting looking TV panels and an extra sofa next to the king-sized bed are just some of the key “ingredients” for a trendy hotel room. We’ve also seen color explosions and eclectic decor mixes, which can definitely appeal to guests wanting to experience unique accommodation.”

luxury-modern-hotel-room-interior-design-ideas1 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS 2014 HOTEL INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS luxury modern hotel room interior design ideas1

Via: Best Design Projects



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