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2017 TOP 100 AD: 10 of the Best Interior Designers in the World!

After a Christmas full of peace and joy we are here today, the Monday after, to give you some inspiration by introducing some of the 2017 TOP 100 AD! We picked 10 out of the 100 best interior designers in the world keep up with us, you will definitely love each one of them!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: THE LARGEST HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES

Jan Showers & Associates Inc.

The first TOP interior designer we present to you is based in Texas and it has a tremendous talent to expose to this industry! In a modern and classic style, it is known to let each division speak fo itself in order to clarify it´s client personality! These Dallas-based artists combine the beautiful decor of a home with comfort and luxury, you will be hearing a lot from them!TOP 100 ADBIG (Bjarke Ingels Group)

Bjarke Ingels is known for its creativity and innovative designs, always thinking out of the box they seem to amaze everyone who Crosses across one of his buildings and/ or divisions! They are truly unique and the ones lucky enough to have them design their home, building their space or doing the interior design will definitely end u with a marvelous acquisition!TOP 100 AD dl-heritage-750Michael Maltzan Architecture

Having for his experience it´s own home city whare he already developed some project he is only set up to succeed! Right now he is focused on various projects!TOP 100 AD Studio Gang

In a world where the design connects people to the social, experimental and intellectual basis of each individual the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership in Kalamazoo, Michigan, looks just outstanding!TOP 100 ADFerguson & Shamamian Architects

Dedicated to an extremely elite clientele this New York-based firm aspires to bring the past decor to a more modern and contemporary design, mixing up both styles they manage to finish some incredibly perfect projects! Check out their style in this next picture!TOP 100 AD Ike Kligerman Barkley

Transforming design into a project that you can connect emotionally to it´s not easy! You need to know your client very well, their do´s and dont´s, what makes them happy, their routine, their family, basically: EVERYTHING! They manage to accomplish this first base so they can execute their project in an amazing way! Just look at the picture! How can this not be just perfect!? TOP 100 ADDelightfull Olson Kundig

This studio´s projects engage an intelligent, responsive and enduring design which often translates in a clear and wonderful design! it is indeed a thoughtfully crafted architecture!TOP 100 AD SheltonMindel

In a world where we intend to make our life as easy and smooth as possible, there is always a problem ahead and what this firm does is creating a space that solves problems! How?! Their knowledge on the design history prevents them from committing past mistakes and developing everything that went right across the ages! This is what makes them true pros! Check out this house in Colorado:TOP 100 AD Alex Papachristidis Interiors

This firm is based in Manhattan and it´s characterized by it´s fresh and classic interior design, meaning that their projects are often a mixture of the 18th-century decor and contemporary artisan- made pieces! Check out a piece of one of their projects:TOP 100 AD Stephen Shadley Designs

Requested by many Hollywood superstars, such as Jennifer Aniston and Diane Keaton, this interior design firm, pursues an ideology that design is a narrative and the creator of dreams needs to respond not only to the client but also the context. They have absolutely astonishing projects! Check them out!TOP 100 ADdl-graphic-750YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: THE LARGEST HOUSE IN THE UNITED STATES

Follow our Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Home and Decoration Ideas.4th-edition-coveted-magazineAlso, download this FREE EZINE and get some inspiration from this FOURTH EDITION OF TRENDZINE!

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