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2017 Trend: The insurgence of vibrant jewel tones

Today Home and Decoration presents you the insurgence of vibrant jewel tones for 2017.

All trend predictors agree on the insurgence of vibrant jewel tones coming on strong in 2017! Decorating with jewel tones is almost as hard as walking on a highwire, but we will make it very easy.

Jewel tones are rich color tones which resemble well known gemstones. Typically, jewel tones have a high level of color saturation, which makes them very dynamic and distinctive. There are a wide range of uses for jewel tones, from designer clothing to websites with rich interfaces which are meant to pop in the eyes of viewers. Many colors in this family also have traditional or religious significance, and they often appear in works of art.

vibrant jewel tones

Some examples of jewel tones include emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, topaz yellow, sapphire blue. Almost any colored gemstone can be replicated with a jewel tone, although some are certainly more famous than others. In general, a jewel tone is very bold, and it exemplifies the classic color associated with a particular gemstone.

It is, of course, possible to overdo it with jewel tones. An entire room decorated only in jewel tones would feel heavy and overwhelming, for example, as would an entire jewel toned outfit. Many people enjoy playing with these lush colors, and you can get some excellent ideas for the use of jewel tones in your home decoration.


Emerald green

vibrant jewel tones

This vibrant hue can seem intimidatingly garish on the swatch card, but when grounded with black and white furnishings and a few traditional touches—a hit of chintz, a stately bust—it feels both playful and elegant.


vibrant jewel tones

(Feel Lamp by Boca do Lobo)vibrant jewel tones

(Malay Armchair by Brabbu)

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Ruby Red

jewel tones

Red has the benefit of being both bold and somewhat traditional. Decorating with gold tones and rich woods plays up the elegance inherent in the color, which can work surprisingly well in spaces that lean a bit more masculine (think cozy den).

vibrant jewel tones

(Belize Mirror by Brabbu) 

vibrant jewel tones

(Piccadilly sideboard from Boca do Lobo)



Sapphire Blue

vibrant jewel

Contrasting more subtly hued accents—think blush pillows and gray upholstery—with deep-blue walls can lend a bit of variety to the look without disrupting the overall equilibrium of the space. To temper the effect of a deeper hue, go with high-gloss paint or add a lacquer finish to the walls to encourage the light to dance around the room.


vibrant jewel tones

(Monochrome Sideboard from Boca do Lobo)

vibrant jewel tones

(Nanook dining chair by Brabbu)

Purple amethyst

vibrant jewel

Amethyst is the gem that’s most commonly associated with the color purple. Its purple color can be cool and bluish, or a reddish purple that’s sometimes referred to as “raspberry.”

vibrant jewel tones

(Diamond Amethyst Sideboard  by Boca do Lobo)

vibrant jewel

(Naj double seat by Brabbu)

Amethyst’s purple color can range from a light lilac to a deep, intense royal purple, and from brownish to vivid.

Yellow Topaz

vibrant jewel

The smoky brown and golden tones of yellow topaz are associated with the earth and harvest.


Browns and yellows represent the ancient planting seasons and the fertility of life. They evoke images of all things organic: the rich soil, harvest grains, and the sun that allows plants to grow.

vibrant jewel

(Shield side table from Boca do Lobo)

The colors of topaz are also associated with the stability and comfort of the home. In a very old fashion and rustic sense, the hearth was always the center of family life and hospitality.

vibrant jewel

(Nessa chair by Koket)

Be inspired with the insurgence of vibrant jewel tones for 2017!

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