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6 Breathing Projects by Eklektik

Today we present the 6 Breathing Projects by Eklektik. The ‘Eklektik Interiors‘ team is filled with creative, dynamic, and dedicated individuals who are as eclectic as the company is. They work together to ensure that our clients and customers get the signature look they want and the quality service they deserve. Each member of the team plays an important part in the process.

Kathy is the principal designer and owner of Eklektik Interiors and brings a broad perspective and exclusiveness to her interior designs. Inspired by world travels, Kathy focuses on creating a personal design that is timeless. With extensive residential as well as commercial experience, Kathy has found that a vital key to truly successful interior design projects is communication. She believes the design process should be an enjoyable one. By helping her clients better understand the process, the experience becomes less intimidating for them. Her ability to read her clients is a strength that helps her to create that ‘signature’ environment for each space.

Eklektik Interiors captures the most current and exciting ideas in the interior design world and features high-quality furnishings and design elements that inspire unique and timeless living spaces.



Eklektik Interiors specifies for both residential and commercial properties. Starting from the inception stage gives you a truly custom design.
6 Breathing Projects by EklektikNew Construction Specification

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