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Art Deco Style In Your Living Room

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Home and Decoration explains how to get Art Deco Style in your living room.
Art Deco style is characterized by rich colors, bold geometry, and decadent detail work. Having reached the height of its popularity in the 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s, the signature aesthetic still evokes glamor, luxury, and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes.

Article originally published on August 1, 2016


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Art-Deco is still a big influence in modern interior design because of its specific eclectic blend of prominent colors such as gold and silver with combinations of soft muted colors, like beige, cream, off white. Art Deco living room holds a really modern and chic statement and has a bold visual appearance with an artistic and modern touch.


Art deco style in your living room

This appealing art deco living room furniture comes up with a glass coffee table with metal legs and blue velvet colored sofa. Featured in attractive design ideas of living room art furniture, this appealing art deco living room furniture also includes grey patterned fabric chairs and grey plush carpet, and also indoor plant pots ornaments.


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Get The Look:

This contemporary mid-century modern sofa features strong shapes and hard edges along with rich velvet fabric. The back has a degree of reclining, so it can be used both as a living room sofa or as a lounge sofa for a chic bar. The legs are tapered and made of polished brass, with little ball feet at the end, providing a full contrast of shapes.



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Art deco style in your living room

This pretty art deco living room features a white tufted colored sofa and dark brown wooden coffee table. Being one attractive design idea of living room art furniture, this pretty art deco living room also offers white plush carpet and a white double door cabinet in addition to built-in storage shelves.

Get The Look:

Huli is a tribe from Papua New Guinea known for painting their faces yellow, red, and white to impress the enemy. This ritual was the inspiration behind HULI Round Mirror, made of matte casted brass. More than a wall mirror, it is a decorative item that will shine any wall.






Art deco style in your living room

This cool art deco living room features white colored sofas with metal frames and a glass coffee table. Being a part of attractive design ideas of living room art furniture, this cool art deco living room furniture also an amazing free-standing fireplace.


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Art deco style in your living room

The iconic art-deco building that houses this Manhattan apartment had a subtle influence on its interior decoration, devised by its owner, Anne Dubbs, and her decorator Alexander Doherty. The mirror in the living room belonged to Anne’s grandmother, while fabrics by Anne’s company, Blithfield, are mixed with antique textiles.


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Get The Look:

Influenced by the Rococo style, the Louis XVI mirror features a large frame characterized by beautifully hand-carved lines and traditional traits, and with similar design elements as its Marie Antoinette counterpart.


Art deco style in your living room

This Classic Art Deco Living Room With Nice Gallery Walls Design And Elegant Dim Gray Fabric Plose Sofa Under Antique Clear Glass Pendant Lights As Well As Rectangle Teak Wood Coffee Table On Beautiful Carpet Floor.


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Get The Look:

As one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes, Dukono embodies an unpredictable strength. Just like DUKONO Wingback Chair. A nailhead trim wraps around this high-back lounge chair, making it pop against the synthetic leather upholstery. Place it in modern home decor and watch DUKONO Wing Chair fill the room with its strong attitude.


Art deco style in your living room

An art deco living room requires a lot of knowledge and preparation, and a sense of aesthetics and arts. with some elements, such as a musical box, a crystal mirror with a silver frame, a collection of tapestries, give this style outstanding results.


Art deco style in your living room

Living room art is one of the ideas to make the living room more attractive. This is like the ornaments that are put on the wall of the living room. With some wall ornaments, the living room will be more attractive since the room will be more beautiful.

Be inspired by these art deco style inspirations for your living room!



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