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Be Amazed By The Projects Of The Best Interior Designers In Naples!



Best Interior Designers in Naples stand out as a great selection for you to work with a high-end designer, in order to design your amazing home. Join Home and Decoration and find out below the best designers we have for you:



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1. Arredamenti Felice Palma
Arredamenti Felice Palma with the constant aim of satisfying your needs has always selected products with high technological and construction quality, respectful of the environment, and your health. Ours are products selected on the basis of their quality, design, and the relationship of convenience it expresses for our customers.
2. Chiara Zarrella
I deal with interior design, interior design, interior styling and restyling, home personal shopping, home staging, and consulting. With a portfolio of over 20 interior projects (including make-over, renovations, and design), 4 exterior projects, 3 commercial premises, I design and create lively, exciting, and unconventional environments, preferring the use of colors, use of wallpapers, and the combination of different styles. I have been running my own design studio for six years, offering complete services for design, renovation, and new constructions thanks to the collaboration with an architect and an engineer.


3. Daniela Perrella
Customized design of space and furniture, advice on style and choice of materials. Support for purchases, home shopping, and supplies.


4. Design Giacomo Frecciarulo
I am an engineer specializing in Architectural and Interior Design. I collaborated with architecture and design studios, always planning and looking for the right “architectural scene”.
5. DG Render Studio
Through this technique, preceded by extensive planning carried out step by step by its team of qualified experts, DGCad wants to offer an excellent and cutting-edge service in the realization of the projects and ideas of each of its customers.


6. DNAssociati

dn associates deal with DESIGN and REALIZATION in the field of Interior Design, Architecture, Sartorial Furniture, and Communication, with the aim of creating a high-quality standard of PROJECT, PRESENTATION, EXECUTION. We at dn associates deal with the design and implementation of projects in the field of Interior Design, Architecture, Tailor-Made Furnishing, and Communication. Our mission is to achieve high standard DESIGN, PRESENTATION, AND EXECUTION.



7. DuDesign Studio
Simultaneously with this, I compare myself with the customer simply trying to get to know him and establish a relationship of trust, which then becomes one of complicity and friendship. This allows me to create projects that satisfy various types of customers, but at the same time, that reflects my way and design taste, which I consider very versatile. The common thread that reflects my works is contemporaneity. In my projects, everything is thought of by the use of materials, finishes, colors, lighting.
8. Giuseppe Piacente
The professional service must be agreed upon and evaluated according to the case, different levels of detail of the design can be requested, starting from the simple quoted plan up to the executive plan with an indication of the furnishings, as well as photorealistic 3d renderings of the highest quality. In addition, urban planning practices (CILA, SCIA, PdC, etc …) and construction management are carried out.
9. Giusi Starace

Only a multi-sensory experience can be meaningful: a space that can be measured with the eyes, movement, muscles, and touch, which creates a coexistence of sensations that relate the entire perception of our body with the built environment.

10. MANUARINO studio
After an international course of study between Naples, Switzerland, and Paraguay, the architect Salvatore Vicidomini decides to return to his hometown to found the MANUARINO studio in 2011. Immediately decided to face the challenge of doing your job well in the place where you were born, especially if this place is located in southern Italy.

11. Materioteca Costantino

The mission of the Materioteca Costantino is to optimize customer satisfaction, making a unique location available to the latter and to professionals in the sector, to create customized interior design projects.


12. Nabi interior design

Nabi interior design was born on the idea of ​​two Neapolitan creatives well known in the furniture and high fashion world. Biancamaria Santangelo is an interior designer with 25 years of experience at the helm of some of the major furniture shops in the city and Anna Palladino, the stylist of the maison Angela Solla, a well-known Neapolitan tailoring house. United by taste and the search for beauty, they bring to Naples in 2013, in an environment of particular beauty and centrality, the best of design, tradition, innovation made in Italy in the industrial design field



13. On Site Architecture & Design
We design and furnish the spaces of your life together with you. Enough houses, all the same, you are unique and we have selected for you customizable solutions that will make the spaces of your life inimitable. We are interior designers but also a bit psychologists because we firmly believe that our work must start from the client’s explicit but above all implicit requests and that our intervention will improve your way of living your spaces.


14. Paola Sola

The goal of my work is to create customized projects, in harmony with the needs of the clients, beyond the times and fashions of the moment. Each project, with attention to the smallest details, manages to effectively combine aesthetics and functionality. The final result is an interior architecture integrated with the furniture finishes, which makes the most of every single space.


Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte
15. Paolo de Rosa
We deal with design and interior design, consultancy for the needs of individuals and institutions for housing, commercial and professional activities, determined to renew their image and business to achieve specific objectives. We collaborate with companies, companies, artisans, installers, tested and selected over time for their ability, know-how, to offer an “all in one” service.
16. Pasquale Conventi Designer
The design comes from confrontation, from the exchange of ideas, from knowing how to listen to the customer’s story and interpret their wishes, even those that are not explicit. Each project by its nature shows what can be done, the becoming, but at the same time brings together the past, memories, culture, and the contemporary, emotions, and style.


17. Playform

The team of designers supports you from the birth of the project, interpreting the needs to make your homes functional and aesthetic. Finishes, colors, and all the other choices that you will face will be followed by our specialists who will accompany you in this difficult undertaking, having fun.




18. Picassoquadro
Picassoquadro is a General Contractor agency that carries out its customers’ projects by providing an integrated and complete 360 ​​° service. The safety of a turnkey product and the reliability of a single interlocutor are the strengths that have allowed the company to become an excellent point of reference for the refurbishment and restoration of homes, but also of shops and offices.



19. Project Arredamenti

We are looking for demanding customers. We like to always offer you that little bit extra that can make you feel special. This is why we take care of every phase with extreme attention, from design to transport and assembly. Architects and interior designers will always be at your disposal to advise you in the choice of furniture and in the design of your home.


20. Rodolfo Caggiano
My business is to listen to the customer’s request, find an ingenious solution to their needs, and get the job done as quickly as possible. I use serious and well-known companies for the processing of the materials I use. Corrugated cardboard is my favorite material. I make lamps, benches, trees, armchairs, tables, walls, prints using mainly cardboard sheets worked on the plotter. I offer extreme attention to detail and innate originality in the design.



21. Sabrina Siviero
Each project is born from the meeting of several elements: tradition, continuous research, knowledge of materials, passion for art, and design. The designer’s “mission” is to respect the client’s requests, without ever losing sight of the criteria of functionality and aesthetics, which are the basis of this profession.


22. sandro trani designer
The sandro trani designer design studio offers architectural design and interior design services, with personalized consultancy ranging from design to organization and site management.


23. Spazio Materiæ

Spazio Materiæ is an interior design showroom located in Rampe Brancaccio 5, in the heart of Napoli’s Chiaia district. It is a lively space, animated by food, design, and contemporary lifestyle related events. Our team of architects and sales associates will manage the entire spectrum of our clientele’s experience, from the design project and product selection to the final delivery and installation.



24. Struktura architects & designers

Struktura architects & designers is a fusion of disciplines, updating, confrontation and confrontation, design culture, mentality, sensitivity, passion, suffering, and enthusiasm. Our studio wishes to become the home of all those who feel they are cultivating a modus operandi without hierarchies and in line with an evolved feeling

25. ZETAE Studio
The ZETAE studio was born in Naples as a collective of designers in 2009 with the name of ZE123 collective. The collective is mainly active in the sector of self-produced industrial design moves I first step by participating in festivals and events of national importance and international.
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