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Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

If your kitchen has an old design or the floor has already seen better days, it is the perfect time to have a new kitchen. From new creative use of colors, modern appliances and materials, there is a world of kitchen design ideas to turn your old kitchen into a modern one. Here you have a selection of the best design ideas to use in your new kitchen. Ready?

Use Modern Materials

kitchen modern design ideas

If your kitchen is made with old materials that were popular ages ago, you may try to replace them with the hottest kitchen design trends. You can use chrome, brushed aluminium, stainless steel, nickel and copper in your cabinetry or lighting.

Use Wood Floor

kitchen modern design ideas

Flooring is often forgotten to take care in kitchen design, but it is the most important piece, because it can make all the difference. So try to replace your traditional floor with a modern material like wood, tile or stone. It will last longer and will bring a new twist of modern design to your kitchen.

Remove Upper Cabinetry

kitchen modern design ideas

If you want to have a modern kitchen design and increase the visual space of your kitchen, consider removing the upper cabinets and just leave the lower ones. This allows you to add some color to your kitchen walls or use some decorative details and you will see that your kitchen will look bigger and fresh.

Use Modern Seats

kitchen modern design ideas

The kitchen is the most busy and flexible room in a house. So if you want to have a modern design kitchen you have to consider having a seatting corner inside the kitchen area. You can just use the countertop with some stools for breakfast table or you can go with a window side table and a bench, but you just have to use a modern seat at the eating area in your kitchen.

Use Color

kitchen modern design ideas

If you want to have a modern design kitchen you have to add some color to those white walls and wooden cabinetry. You can just paint your old furniture or try to replace the doors with more detailed and colorful ones. It does not really matter where you choose to use color, but you have to use color to turn your kitchen into a modern design one.

Use modern lighting

kitchen modern design ideas

Now that you have redesigned you all kitchen details, it’s time to replace lighting. Even though kitchen lighting is often a minimal detail, it is essential for safety, ambience and can bring some versatility to the space. So consider the whole kitchen design you have choosen and use a modern lighting like recessed lighting for a modern design ambience in your kitchen.


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