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Summer decor ideas by Branca Interiors!

Chicago is the city where you can go to have see for yourself the latest novelties in the art world, it´s the city of the creators and the city of the ones who aspire to see “outside of the box”! These are the reasons that lead some of the most talented interior designers to Chicago and Alexandra Branca the founder of Branca Interiors is one of them! Get inspired with her trough this article about her fabulous interior design projects!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Melanie by Design: most gorgeous Residential and Commercial Projects!

Color in the division is essential! You can Either choose a bright color in a wall in your home or just choose have a neutral color on the wall but with colorful details to brighten up the house! Either way you need to add the right piece of lighting and the right designs to always have access to a contemporary scenario once you get into your home!Branca InteriorsThis Botti Chandelier would look absolutely amazing in the previous living room!Branca InteriorSpeaking of wall papers! Having a smoother wall paper with some tender designs will work as well! Specially if you choose to endorse this matter with some marble details in the designs!Branca InteriorsThis next wall paper can also be an example but the important matter in this next image from the Branca Interiors´ is in fact the color of the chairs and the way they are able to match with the ambiance.Branca Interiorsdl-graphic-800Another great choice of lighting! A common mistake that usually people do is saving the best for last- the choice of the lighting designs- when you can have a statement piece that will literally make your room needing nothing else to create an impact in the people who see you project!Branca InteriorsAs I said, color is a major important aspect and has you can see in this next example this amazing chair says it all!
Branca InteriorsAnother pleasant choice is the Romero from Essential Home:Branca InteriorIf you have been paying attention to the best pantone colors the light green is becoming a sensation for this summer interior design projects.Branca InteriorsSpeacking of color! Blue, pink and purple will always be sensational colors!Branca InteriorsAs for a living room choice of lighting you can chose a chandelier with an abajour but it should be the right one!Branca InteriorsThe mixture between contemporary and traditional style in this next project can show us exactly how important it is to do the right choice of lighting and upholstery!Branca InteriorsHere is a great sugetion- the Hendrix Chandelier- from DelightFULL!Branca InteriorYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: Melanie by Design: most gorgeous Residential and Commercial Projects!

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