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Brass trend in your decoration

Today Home and Decoration presents you brass trend in your decoration.

Where silver once dominated, gold tones are edging their way in, but it’s not necessarily gold that is being introduced into the interior design: brass, just like copper, is one example. The yellow metals, previously considered to be old fashioned are now gaining steam, particularly those golden tones that offer a warmer aesthetic. The result is a beautiful classic look that offers a pleasing patina without being ostentatious.

brass trend

(Sinuous nightstand  and Newton wall lamp, by Boca do Lobo)

Brass has been used to be mostly relegated to the background in home design. But rather than being limited to the kitchen and bathroom it is making its presence known throughout the home and in both the interior and exterior. For example, door knockers, handles, and handrails were often traditionally made from brass.

brass trend

(The Symphony Cabinet by Boca do Lobo)

Brass and warm metal fixtures gave way to stainless steel in the 80’s when technology began to heavily influence design trends. It was then that computers and other appliances began to morph from a putty or beige to sleek aluminum or steel finishes.

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brass trend

(Cay side table, Aurum wall light, Delphi screen and Nr.20 armchair, all from Brabbu)

From there, design trends followed suit with stainless steel quickly becoming the favorite for appliances and silvery tones influencing fixtures. Today these bright finishes have become so ubiquitous that the futuristic tones and sleek lines have started to seem dated themselves.

brass trend

(The Eden Series, a set of seven brass tables by Boca do Lobo)

Instead of silver metal designers are now favoring the warmth and hand wrought workmanship evoked by brass and darker metals. Brass can recall Moroccan elegance, Italian mid-century fantasy, or French elegance.

brass trend

(Taylor armchair from Essential Home)

Today, brass is being used in a new movement called organic modernism. This new take on the modern aesthetic makes prominent use of natural materials such as leather and stone and focuses on texture, unlike the traditional modern aesthetic that favors clean lines.

brass trend

(Intuition Dining Table, Chandra dining chairs and Eternity chandelier, all of them from Koket)

However, working with brass presents some challenges. Brass doesn’t rust but its finish is harder to maintain than stainless steel or chrome. To make maintaining brass easier manufacturers heavily lacquered the metal. This made it easy to clean but very shiny. The current trend is to use raw brass which gains a lovely patina with age.

brass trend

(Janis Floor lamp by Delightfull and Maasai 2 seat sofa from Brabbu)

Brass has a way of making everything feel richer. It can be used in furniture, light fixtures, and other spaces. The reflective textures make a room feel bigger and warmer than stainless steel.

Get inspired by the brass trend in your decoration!

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