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Top 10 Color Trends That Will Dominate Interior Design World

Today, the Home & Decoration brings you the Top 10 Color Trends That Will Dominate Interior Design World. These Color Palette, which brings back, with a new look, the powerful and vibrant tones that dominated the aesthetics between the 1930s and 1960s. See the list of 10 chromatic trends that will invade your home design during the year 2018.



Monochromatic colors have never been so powerful like now in the interior design world. The best interior designers guess that this year people will risk more than never before in their luxury interior design.


Apricot Orange

color trends

Whoever thought that Millennial Pink was going to say goodbye to the spotlight, was wrong. One of the sweetest color trends evolved and gained a dose of orange in its composition, getting a little less smooth and more energetic.

Moody Maroon

Red is always going to be one of the timeless, strongest color trends that will never go away. But this year it promises to emerge in darker, rich tones, close to reddish brown. Woody and warm nuances should be seen in every interior design styles.

Pale & Matte

Lighter tones are gaining power – as they are the perfect complement to interior design styles. The palette is similar to the candy colors, but softer and presents colors that, at a first glance, do not seem to draw so much attention. Neutrals came to stay.


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Metallic Black

As red, black is one of the most classic, timeless and always in vogue color trends of all years. But, dark environments promise to be stronger than ever this season. In order to make everything more interesting, surfaces that bring the metallic glow are joined to other well matte ones to create a game of perception.

Deep Emerald

The Green Emerald you are used to knowing is going to gain an unexpected twist – a darker and bluer palette that promises to take care of the full walls and contemporary pieces of furniture.

Saturated Blue

An eclectic, saturated, metallic clue is going to make a strong statement in every luxury interior design.



Acid Olive

color trends

Green moss was one of the main colors of 2017 both in fashion and decor. But in 2018 the color evolved and appears more acidic and close to the pistachio that will give a more vintage touch to an interior design.

Golden Yellow

The yellow drawn for gold appeared in fashion in mid-2017 and is already listed as one of the strongest color trends for 2018 in decoration. Luminous and applied to tactile surfaces, this tone promises to bring vintage and energetic atmosphere at the same time.

Pigmented Terracotta

The earthy tones are a very strong palette at the moment and promise to remain in evidence for years to come. The terracotta gains more humor and personality by absorbing pigments, the perfect color to decorate residential interiors.


Clashing Pairings

Using vibrant colors to contrast in the same environment is the order of the day – these color trends came and they’ll stay – they can appear in both wall graphics and geometric prints as well as bold styling combinations.

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