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How to Decorate a Unique Mid-Century Living Room

Today we share with you How to decorate a unique mid-century living room.

We are in the 21st century, but the nostalgic pull of the ingenious architectural designs of the 1950’s is taking modern-day homes back in time.

How about turning your living room into a mid-century architectural dream? Here are some ways to take your home back in time (without living in a time capsule).

Bring Wood Back

unique mid-century living room

Most of today’s furniture is made of engineered pressed wood. Let real wood take center stage via the high-quality furnishings of the 50’s. These mid-century masterpieces have clean lines of teak, walnut, oak and rosewood.

Do Your Lights Right

unique mid-century living room

Look at any mid-century modern home and you will surely see dazzling modern marvels dangling from the ceilings or lighting up sleek side tables.

unique mid-century living room

Unique pendant lights and fixtures are not only functional; they are pieces of sculptural art. There are numerous online artists who custom-make these architectural lights. Look around until you find the piece that calls your name, and remember mid-century modern is not a matchy, matchy style, so no need to find lamp sets.

unique mid-century living room

Indeed, bold lighting is another must-have accessory to take your home back in time to this artistic era.

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Include A Bar

unique mid-century living room

Whether it’s a built-in or a bar cart; a bar for mixing drinks is a nostalgic way to bring back the 50’s. Fill your bar with vintage glasses, expensive liquors and of course a cocktail shaker.  A bar cart can be wheeled from room to room for parties and entertaining and is the perfect accessory for every mid-century modern home.

unique mid-century living room

You will certainly feel like you stepped back in time as you sip your martini – shaken not stirred.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

unique mid-century living room

No matter what style of decor you choose, mirrors are the perfect design accessory. They add a light airy feeling to any room in your home. If placed properly, a mirror can make space look bigger by reflecting light into a room or highlight a beautiful backyard landscape by placing it opposite a garden door or window.


Small Details Can Make the Difference

unique mid-century living room

Sometimes it’s the simple things added to your decor that make the biggest style statement. One or two artistic metal wall plaques or a large graphic oil on canvas can make a bold style statement.

unique mid-century living room

For a modern look, don’t clutter your walls with tons of artwork. Keep it simple and clean with a few bold, high-end pieces of art. After all, isn’t it better to have one or two high-quality pieces instead of a bunch of inexpensive knick knacks?


The history and nostalgia for the mid-century modern movement are not showing signs of withering off into the olden days.  On the contrary, it seems the artistry and architectural genius of that time are only becoming more revered.

Add some of these mid-century style statements to your living room and feel the vibe of days gone by.

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