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Dining Room Rugs: Choose The One That Completes Your Dining Area!

Luxury Tapestry


Dining room rugs are that extra statement item that can make a big difference in the dining room; it can make it cosy and warm, without forgetting luxury and sophistication. Dining room rugs are the inspiration we are going to talk about today, after having already explored the overall inspiration from the room by room page by Rug’Society, rugs deserving to be in galleries and living room rugs.


The geometric WEST Rug is timeless and elegant, giving off a unique touch of sophistication and style, making it the perfect mid-century style rug. A one-of-a-kind rug, entirely hand-made and created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.


This pink coloured rug creates an unbelievable ambience that defies the normalcy of the interior design trends. Surrounded by a strong black Pantone, the ROSARY Rug stands out, with a strong influence on the pink colour, creating a wonderful sight to behold. Created with Natural Wool as well as Botanical Silk.

The beautiful city of Toulouse in France, known as the Pink City because of its unique architecture and colouring, made of rosy bricks. The landscapes and an all-around feeling of this astonishing city led to the creation of the TOULOUSSE Rug. Created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk, and employing techniques like Hand-tufting and Overtufting.


The neutral collection features a recognizable rug known as CELL. This great rug goes amazingly well in most ambiences and even most rooms where it is placed. With a focused on grandiosity, this dignified rug is created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk and employs techniques like Overtufting, Carving, and Hand-tufting.


The geometric forms present on the PRISMA II Rug complement each other beautifully, creating a modern appearance by overlapping all of those forms on top of one another. This collection focuses only on the essential to achieve the best geometric patterns possible. Created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk and employing the Hand-tufting and Overtufting techniques.


The PRISMA III geometric rug features various geometric forms, creating a feeling of fleeting time and style. The geometric collection features neutral tones and overlays and overlaps them on top of each other, as you can see with the PRISMA III. Created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk, there are also different techniques employed like Hand-tufting and Overtufting.


The OSLO rug is based on the Norwegian capital. It is a rug that combines nobility and comfort, leading to a perfect rug to dress in a dining room or even a bedroom. The OSLO rug‘s presence makes it so that a room instantly becomes more comfortable and warm. Made with Bamboo Silk and New Zealand wool, these bespoke dining room rugs are a must-have for interior design enthusiasts



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