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Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019 –  From the best design galleries in the show, to the unique collections with a pure eclectic style, here is the best thing that you must recall from the famous design event!

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

The incredible selection of the Salon Art + Design includes historical, modern and contemporary furniture, groundbreaking design and, (as if this wasn’t good enough)  late 19th to the 21st-century artwork! Aside from having some of the most highly regarded art galleries and furniture players showing off some of their best creations, there’s no doubt that this incredible event will have a lot on the table.


From classic designs of the 20th-century master artist to the innovative artwork of today’s young artists, the visitors will leave the Salon Art+ Design with a full and rich experience. Presenting the world’s best design, vintage, modern and contemporary, enhanced by blue-chip 20th century and contemporary art, NYC’S Salon Art+Design featured 56 leading art, and design galleries, from 14 different countries, spotlighting the trends of collectible design.

Twenty-First Gallery’s Incredible Ideas

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

On this year’s Salon Art+Design you can enjoy a walk through a section that will enchant you with objects made by renowned names such as Emmanuel Babled, François Corbeau,  Alexandra Mocanu, François Salem, Pierre Gonalons, Beatrice Serre, Laura Gonzalez, among many more. After you’re done involving yourself in this amazing immersive living room-like atmosphere, you can take a chance to take a peek at the booths we will be suggesting to you below.

Collection By R& Company with Pierre Yovanovitch and Haas Brothers

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

Another weight presence of the event is R& Companyintroducing a couple of their best crossover creations. This will include Pierre Yovanovitch‘s “Love” exhibition (currently at the gallery’s White Street location), along with some of the unique coffee table of the Haas Brothers. The showcase will also have other interesting elements such as the feminist ceramics by Katie Stout, or the midcentury furniture by Magnusson Grossman.

Collection By Alexandra Champalimaud and Charles Burnand

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

Alexandra Champalimaud has conceded a capsule collection for Charles Burnand mainly composed out of organic modern forms and cozy fabrics. This collection is another incredible example of the way she handles her design challenges: her consideration for how people move, sit and interact with a space she handles.

Stools by Reinaldo Sanguino

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

The immersive installation which features the highly coveted stools by Reinaldo Sanguino, a Venezuelan-born ceramicist. These incredible chairs blend in abstract art with coveted furniture in a set definitely pleasing to the eye.

Creative Lighting By Apparatus

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

These New York lighting designers have done it again! You will have the chance to take a look at their latest addition to their new Interlude collection. It consists of a supremely luxurious floor lamp in line with their style. Apparatus is well-known for its unique take on lighting products: we’re talking about a group that’s used elements such as hand-dyed eel skin or luminous Chinese porcelain to create some innovative lighting design.

Sculptural Works By Mathieu Lehanneur

Discover The Ultimate Highlights From Salon Art+Design 2019

The French designer has created a new site-specific installation for the Salon using a mix of new and old designs. This is another unmissable initiative from a man who’s known for sculptural works that combine technological elements with classic ones. Perhaps one of his most notorious examples is his Ocean Memories collection in which he maps the movement of water in a marble table.

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