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Dressing Room Rugs For You Stunning Closet!

Design Service 2019


Dressing room rugs are easily the extra little helper we need when getting ready either in the morning, for a big and special event, or just a place to sit and relax after a self-caring bath! This home division is easily the one that showcases best our personality so we want to make sure it is just like us, chic, elegant, classic, and a little extra! Dressing room rugs are just some of the inspirations you will be able to find on our room by room page! We already covered living and dining room rugs as well as rugs that are worthy of exposition at a gallery!


This rug stands proud as a feat of geometry and color, with a lovely and perfect mix between square and vertical lines. This unusual combination makes it a provocative and attention-grabbing rug unlike any other. Created with Natural Wool as well as Botanical Silk.



The masculine representation of the classical canons of ancient Greece was known as Óscar. Rug’Society created a rug with a love for the cubist language, a way to represent the human body in a universal way. Created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.



The love for the fauna and flora is unlike any other when it comes to Rug’Society. The HERON Rug features the beautiful species of the same name that represent the spirituality of life. Created with Botanical Silk.

Your dressing room is also deserving of some attention and love, so why not decorate it neutrally with our WHITE GARDEN Rug, part of the neutral collection. This neutral rug creates an easygoing ambiance as well as being a classy and elegant product. Created with Botanical Silk and employing techniques such as Hand-tufting.

As part of our geometric collection, the SIMBA Rug was created with a variety of various different kinds of graphic design. This amazing mix led to the creation of a truly unique rug that perfectly encapsulates the kind of style of the geometric collection. It is also created with Natural Wool and Botanical Silk.

As part of the geometric collection, our SUSY Rug is a versatile rug that creates an ambiance unlike any other. The conjugation of light and shadow gives SUSY the perfect three-dimensional design, with three different kinds of techniques, hand-tufted, over tufting, and carving.

This geometric rug takes inspiration from the German avant-garde movement Bauhaus. This modern piece of art features a great mix of geometric shapes and textures, with a color palette that is guaranteed to make your living room look even more lovely and modern.


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