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Escapefromsof Exclusive Interview For Coveted Magazine

Boca do Lobo and COVETED Magazine have selected an exclusive list featuring the most influent interior designers in the field and Escapefromsofa has been selected to be part of.

After the huge success of the first issue, Coveted Magazine and Boca do Lobo accepted the challenge and returns with this special selection of the personalities in the most creative and innovative industry, the interior design world.

In this meticulous selection, you will find the best Interior Designers of 2017 – the renowned and the emerging, both passionate and geniuses – alongside with some striking mood boards and exclusive interviews.

Escapefromsofa, a Turkish design studio has been selected to be part of.

Escapefromsofa is a design studio established in Istanbul in 2009. Catering to various design needs like interior and product design. They create high profile solutions by nurturing the contextual and contemporary values of their demographics.

They strive to create rich experiences with an original approach towards design considering the disparities in daily life and enjoy working with new and emerging materials and technologies. They believe in simplicity and worship the details.

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Check here the exclusive interview

One quality your team members must have?
Passion and desire of creating are the musts that we are looking for. Without passion and desire, I do not think that a designer will exist.

The first thing that catches your eye when you enter a room (empty or not)?
In our belief space consists of three main elements; floor, walls, and ceiling. Whenever I get into a new space I look for the harmony of those three elements.


What does your home say about you?
Everybody says chaos but I call it home.

How Arts & Crafts and Advanced technology will live together? 
Technology is one of the biggest creation and the most valuable tool of the modern mankind, but without the talented eyes and hands, it is useless. A designer should have the passion and the desire of creating and all those emotions come from the bottom of our hearts. If we manage to merge those emotions with technology, I believe that we’ll become more accurate and we can have more chance to reach the perfect design. In one way or another emerging technology should definitely meet with Arts & Crafts as well as it meets with technology.

Complete the phrase:

I can’t work without my laptop

Blank sheet for me is… a new adventure.

Most inspiring Museum/ Gallery for you? Tate Modern & Whitney Museum

What Your Favorite Piece Of Clothing Says About You… Neat

When I revisit my childhood home I remember/feel… cozy

If I wasn’t architect/ interior designer, I would be… an engineer

The Oscar for the best Scenario in a movie goes to.. Leon

Less is more …or more is more? Less is more

One book to impress your first date Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea

I get uninspired when/ by noise pollution

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