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Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Burgarim started her university path studying Law, but her love for art and fashion and aesthetic sense soon made her pursuit a different passion: Interior Design.  In 2000 she founded her own atelier where, since then, she has been developing Architecture and Interior Design projects with rigor and quality, both nationally and internationally, in public and private spaces.

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Margarida Bugarim

Modern and very elegant, Margarida Bugarim projects always result in exclusive, comfortable, and quality environments where everything is worked down to the last detail. The spaces designed are characterized by being timeless, with simple and refined luxurySober colors, noble and natural materials such as wood, metal, linen, silk, and cashmere are a constant in her projects and coexist harmoniously in the spaces. Margarida also contributes to social solidarity projects and participated as a decorator in a well-known Portuguese tv show called “Querido Mudei a Casa”, where she literally provides an extreme makeover on people’s houses.

Today, Home and Decoration have the pleasure of share with you an exclusive interview with this incredible and successful top interior designer. Have a look!

Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Bugarim is really passionate about her work.  She feels privileged to be able to work every day in a job that she loves and where every challenge is different. What she loves most is the creative part, the challenge of imagining a space from scratch that reflects the clients’ lifestyle and responds to their needs. “I really enjoy proposing solutions “outside of the box” and being able to integrate powerful pieces of art into my projects and deconstruct some preconceptions that clients have. I think that when someone looks for an interior decorator they expect to be surprised, and I always try to do that.” – Margarida Bugarim said.

Margarida finds it fascinating to follow the whole process of rehabilitation work or a decoration project. And because she is also passionate about fashion, she gets thrilled with the time of the year when the latest news of fabrics and wallpapers comes out. “I enjoy following the new trends and immediately start imagining combinations of materials, colors, and textures, and how I can apply them in the projects I am developing at the moment.”  – Margarida Bugarim.



Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Bugarim sees every day as a new opportunity and a new challenge. She dedicates her days to her clients helping them with everything they need to feel happy and fulfilled in their homes. She lives each day as a new way to try to reconcile her professional life and her private one. But perhaps the biggest challenge of her career was when she had the decision to set up her own company and follow her path alone, with young children to boot. The fact that she is very versatile in terms of decoration and can easily understand what clients like, allows her to transpose these wishes into projects. These talents were undoubtedly contributing factors to the continued success and growth of Margarida’s studio.

Margarida Bugarim

Although Margarida Bugarim is self proud of her career path, she doesn’t think she already achieved everything. She believes that there is only something new to come.  She considers herself a very entrepreneur and active person, always thinking about new ideas and projects. “I always want to surpass myself in each project and surprise my client with the final result, so I always have new goals to achieve.” – she said.

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Usually, Margarida Bugarim avoids using the word ‘dreams’, she rather uses the expression “projects to be realized”. She would love to release a book about her work and projects as she has a career of over 20 years in interior design. She believes that this would be the perfect way to celebrate her accomplishments. She is also a big fan of decoration books, so much so that she has a good collection that she often loves to review. For that, launching her own book is definitely a project she would love to accomplish.

Margarida Bugarim

“My profession is my passion and seeing the client happy is what drives me. Knowing that a great part of my clients came to me recommended by other clients makes me joyful. On the other hand, I am also very proud of my professional path. I managed to create and implement my atelier – Margarida Bugarim Interiores – which is currently a reference in the area of interior decoration. To continue working in this area, which I love, for more than 20 years, leading a multidisciplinary team makes me feel professionally fulfilled.”

– Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Bugarim


When communicating with her audience, Margarida is very informal. She is on the main social networks and the essence of Margarida Bugarim Interiores is her. Her biggest concern is to be authentic so she only shares what she feels she likes. And often she enjoys sharing what inspires her. Until now she didn’t have the habit of making any kind of advertising, Margarida Bugarim thinks that her projects speak for themselves, and the fact that a great part of her clients come to her recommended by former clients or because they have seen her work is proof of this. For her, there is no better advertising strategy than to have really satisfied customers. However, at the moment her company is in a moment of great growth, so it is becoming important to be more prominent in the media.



At the moment Margarida Bugarim is working on several projects at the same time. Besides remodeling apartments, she is doing a house in the Douro, one in Algarve, and another one on Alentejo Coast. In all of these projects what inspires her is, first of all, the potential of the space in terms of architecture, the layout of the house, and its geographical environment. The second variable to take into consideration is the emotional involvement between the client and the house. After these starting points, she had to analyze the client, their taste and wants, to then transpose this information into the house project. Even though all projects are initiated from the same start point, the results end up being very different.

Margarida Bugarim

For Margarida Bugarim, the biggest trend is to create real relationships with technology, as a result of an increasingly digital world. This is the beginning of a new era in which the boundary between the physical and digital world is increasingly blurred, however, embracing technology is a safe, fast, and effective solution to many modern-day challenges. “There are already many interior project visualization techniques that allow us to remotely develop a project, in any part of the world, without compromising a very realistic and vivid vision.” – she said.

Margarida Bugarim believes that there is a tendency to re-evaluate the purpose and strategies of brands to align them with the collective good. “This is the time for companies to adapt their business strategies towards values benefiting people, the collective, and the planet.” – Margarida Bugarim.

Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Bugarim was a bit reluctant when asked to describe her type of client. She prefers to say that her clients have some characteristics in common. As an interior designer, she identifies her style as contemporary, elegant, and eclectic. she loves to do projects with different styles and to mix pieces of different influences. She can easily adapt her style, understand the client’s wishes and transport them into their house decor. “What I can say to you is that my clients want a house that mirrors their lifestyle and matches their personality but is at the same time very comfortable. They want to live a full life and enjoy their home as much as possible. My clients appreciate customized solutions and great quality pieces that make the most of their homes.” – Margarida Bugarim explained.



Margarida Bugarim

Margarida Bugarim


Regarding craftsmanship, Margarida Bugarim thinks there is an increasing demand for materials in their purest state. The public is increasingly looking to transport the richness of outdoor materials and textures to their interiors: natural woods, stone, straws, etc. So, she thinks that the brands that are exploring this aspect, more connected to nature, are leading the way. “Even before it was a trend, natural materials were already my materials of choice, those who follow my work closely know that I am a fan of linens, silks and kinds of cotton as well as wood in its most natural state, so I am very excited that more brands are betting on this path.” – Margarida Bugarim said.



Margarida Bugarim

About the design’s future, Margarida Bugarim thinks and hopes that the focus of the design world in the future will be the path of sustainability. She defends that it is unbearable to continue living in a hyper-consumerist and disposable world. In her studio, she works mainly with Portuguese artisans who create personalized and timeless pieces. She always works with high quality and most natural materials and is very careful to select pieces that will last over time, exactly to preserve the environment. “Environmental concerns are causing people to rethink the way we live. It is imperative to invest in good, durable items because disposable items are very harmful to the environment. We cannot continue to live in a consumerist, uncreative world.” – said Margarida Bugarim.

For her, the environmental concerns lead us to rethink our way of being and we have to invest in good and durable items because disposable items are very harmful to the environment. “People are starting to opt for timeless and good quality pieces, in our atelier we make custom pieces by Portuguese craftsmen with the best natural products with the aim of sustainability and duration in time exactly to preserve the environment.” – said Margarida Bugarim.


What do you think about this exclusive interview with Margarida Bugarim?


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