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Tania Richardson is the founder and CEO of Tomas Pearce Interior Design. Alongside Melandro Quilatan, the President and lead creative of the Toronto-based firm, have been creating some of the most impressive interiors around the world. Recognized for their attention to detail and polished elegance, Tomas Pearce Interior Design firm is specialized in both commercial and residential spaces.




With bold and luxurious designs without compromising on livability, their design sensibility and constant evolution allow them to create spaces that are fresh, unique, and unexpected. Home and Decoration had the exclusive opportunity to interview Tania Richardson and had a sneak peek into the creative mind of the top interior designer.

Tania Richardson

As an interior designer, beyond creating a grand design, furnishings, and décor details, Tania’s favorite part of her job is the joy and emotion she gets from creating spaces that people love and love to spend time in. She also added that “every day is different and brings on a new challenge to tackle.

Now thanks to COVID, designers are being challenged to get even more creative. At Tomas Pearce, they are creating designs that ensure that health and wellness are a large part of the end design and that new social distancing measures appear seamless — without compromising the quality of design or creating limitations within a space.

For Tania, the initial launch of the business was one of the most challenging yet rewarding times in her career. She recalls the moment which propelled Melandro and her through the amazing journey they’re currently pursuing: “It was New Year’s Day when I received a call from him, and he announced that he was going to join me full-time to establish our interior design practice. We had worked together for many years prior and had often dreamt of starting our firm. Now, here we are 16 years later, building a brand with exceptional culture and values while redefining the skyline to create living environments that will be shared by many generations for years to come.

When asked about her dreams and her aspirations, Tania affirms that she would love to expand her business and reach other sectors, and encompass luxury hospitality projects as well. For her is the obvious next step and she feels that her experience and practice in luxurious residential and commercial spaces are the perfect recipes for their future success.


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Tania Richardson

Tania Richardson

“In my mind, there is always room to grow and learn. It has taken supportive families and friends, dedicated employees, consultants, clients, suppliers, and trades to get to where we are today. It truly takes a village to do what we do. Without the help and support of each one of these amazing people, we could not be as successful as we are. We remain humble and grateful as this support system has, and continues to, champion us, and we look forward to continuing to evolve and expand.”
Tania Richardson




Besides her love for her inner circle, her team, and all those involved in her luxurious projects, Tania feels that her success and happiness as well, could not be fully accomplished without the way their clients react to their end results: “Reactions to me, speak volumes. It’s a humbling testimony to know that we’ve made an impact on our client’s lives by witnessing their joyful reactions.” She feels fulfilled when she knows that the firm has helped design spaces that improve their clients day to day life.

Tania Richardson

Tomas Pearce pride itself on providing timeless interiors. Their experience designing luxury residences spans the world and includes bespoke private homes, executive vacation villas, chalets, cottage retreats, pavilions, coach houses, and other exclusive environments. They helped create unique and luxurious spaces that reflect not only a lifestyle but also day-to-day needs. When asked about her relationship with her audience, Tania was very clear:

“To us communication is vital – we want to know each of our clients inside out. Whether it is for a luxe residence or a common amenity space in a condominium, we truly think about every intimate need for space. We get to know our clients: from what and when they cook, to how they navigate within a space, to what they enjoy in terms of entertainment, these are all important aspects to consider. We can design the best spaces that truly suit the lifestyle and needs of our clients.”
Tania Richardson

Tania Richardson

Regarding her professional future, she still recalls the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic that completely changed the way they worked, interacted, and lived. She refers to these past two years as some of the most challenging, but also interesting “with space at a minimum and social distancing at a maximum, it’s been an interesting challenge to create and redefine the new normal for shared common areas. We are truly transforming the way people experience condo living” she noted.

Creating a graphic statement with subtle detailing is the vision Tania has regarding the current trends. The interior designer sees the ’80s have resurfaced and had been reinvented with modern geometric flare, from minimalist interiors to bold and geometric furniture lines and bright colorful modern art.




Tania Richardson

With a very exciting lineup of future collaborations, Tania was very excited in sharing with us some of her and her team’s future partnerships: “From a high-profile residential project located in Toronto’s Bridal Path neighborhood to the suites and interiors of a number of luxury condos to a thoughtfully designed amenities plan that spans over four floors, we are very excited to bring our new projects to fruition.”

The Tomas Pearce style is international, motivated by a love of good design, and a mix of both modern and traditional. Their clients include both residential homeowners and commercial developers who turn to Tania and her team for designs that are opulent yet simple, elegant and timeless, and effortlessly functional. When looking towards the future of the design world, Tania would love to see designers putting more emphasis on health and wellness in their work – both from a design standpoint, but also from a team and cultural standpoint. 

Tania Richardson

“One thing we’re really focused on at Tomas Pearce is not subscribing to the typical design lifestyle – we value our team and want them to have a positive experience working with us, which for us means delivering incredible designs within a work/life balance.”
Tania Richardson

Home and Decoration exclusive interview with Tania gave us a glimpse into what the future holds for the designer, but also a deep look into her aesthetic and her team’s work. We’re excited for more news and thrilling designs from Tomas Pearce Interior Design, and Home and Decoration is definitely keeping an eye on any updates.






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