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Fall In Love With The Most Lavish Rugs In The Design World!

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Rugs are the ultimate accessory to embellish any room, from the kitchen to the master bedroom! Their shapes and colors transform each and every room, being able to create a spectacular ambiance. Join Home and Decoration and scroll down through the best selection!


Enz Rug

Enz River runs through the northern Black Forest in Germany which is considered to have the most attractive landscapes for nature lovers, ramblers, and mountain bikers. ENZ rectangular rug is made in hand-tufted tencel and was inspired by the breath-taking richness of the Black Forest and its natural resources. ENZ can be tailored to any size, color, and shape, to better fit every space.

Baltic Rug

The Baltic Sea, located in Scandinavia, has several water types and different blue shades which compose it. The BALTIC rug really embodies the essence of the Baltic Sea, having a blue color gradient. This versatile rectangle designed rug is a harmonious piece that simultaneously transmits the strength of the sea and the softness of the blue color. BALTIC Rug will bring nature and fierceness to your home decor.



Jute Rug

With a pattern and texture similar to the weaving from the traditional Brazilian jute bags used for carrying and for the storage of coffee beans, this modern and neutral rug is made of botanic silk, with a soft presence and an even softer touch.

Cauca Rug

The Cauca culture is an extinct Colombian culture dated between the 9th and 10th centuries CE, located close to the Cauca River in Colombia. Their traditional artworks gave rise to BRABBU’s CAUCA Rug. The geometric pattern on the black and white tencel rug recalls the sharp artwork of the Cauca culture and aims to bring strength to any living room. CAUCA rectangle rug by BRABBU is the best finishing for your home decor.

Gobi Rug

The Gobi is known for its hardest arid conditions and is the largest and driest desert in Asia, bounded by Mongolian and Chinese mountains to all sides. GOBI hand-tufted tencel rug depicts the extreme and opposite conditions that occur in this desert through its dark grey and sandy tones, applied in irregular but incisive shapes. GOBI rectangle rug fits well in a sober and strong ambiance of a living room or a dining room.

Rectangular Rug Lipstick By Seletti


Ted Rug

Rug’Society has dared to explore the trend of long pile tapestries and like we are always thinking in the future, TED Rug was born to create the first legacy of the shaggy collection. This rug mixes unique tones and unforgettable touch. An elegant and 100% hand-tufted rug, made with Bamboo Silk and New Zealand Wool, that brings comfort and beauty to your project.


Inuk Rug

INUK is the individual name for the Inuit people, a group of indigenous people inhabiting the Arctic regions of Greenland. The INUK rectangle rug, hand-tufted tencel, reflects their lifestyle and the clothing that protects them: the motifs resembling a beautiful brown, black and white cover that make you travel to the coldest places on Earth and still feel warm and comfortable.

Kaiwa Rug

Kaiwá is the language spoken by the Guarani-Kaiowás, an indigenous population of Brazil. They live in the tropical rainforest area and are one of the most resilient civilizations in the world. BRABBU named a wool rug after their language as a tribute to their voice, which is concealed daily by the challenges they face. KAIWÁ rectangle wool rug stands for those that fight peacefully every day to keep their culture alive.


Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte

Spielberg Rug

A masterpiece of dueling sides with a classy and luxurious touch.


Studies for a Mosque by Marcel Wanders for Moooi Carpets

Kasai Rug

The Kasai River flows through Central Africa, giving life to agricultural lands in a region known for its sandy and infertile soil. The long and irregular stripes of the KASAI rectangular rug in dark blue, light brown, and dark brown depict the heavy sediment load that the river carries together with a hidden wealth – diamonds. This ethnic rectangular rug in hand-tufted tencel fits well in any eclectic home decor.

Kalina Rug

The Kalina are indigenous people native to the northern coastal areas of South America. Due to the lack of a written form of language, the histories and traditions of the Kalina people are transmitted until this day in the oral form, passing through generations. Their myths, legends, and tales are narrated today on KALINA rectangle tencel rug’s long lines that will elegantly finish any beautiful modern home decor.

Papua Rug

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally diverse countries on the planet. Like the tribal paintings characteristic from this country, PAPUA rectangular design presents strong and defined traits, whose dark tones make us travel through the local culture. Made in 100% Wool hand-tufted, PAPUA rug is very versatile, completing any interior decoration that will be full of personality, delicacy, and strength.

Sugar Rug

Conceived and designed for every modern design aficionado, the Sugar rug is about to bring a sweetened essence to the center of your home decor. Simple yet conceptual, the Sugar rug is made from botanic silk and, due to its neutral nature, has a very singular capability to fit into any interior design style. The irresistible minimal design touch you’ve been looking for is here.

Warao Rug

Warao means “the boat people” and it is the name of an indigenous people from Northeastern Venezuela and Western Guyana with a lifelong and intimate connection with water. This faithful relation to water is also brought to you with WARAO rectangular hand-tufted rug. Simple and peaceful, like the Warao people, this hand-tufted rug is the kind of rug that ties together all your living room furniture.


The Abyss By Illulian

Wari Rug

The Wari were a civilization that flourished in the south-central Andes and coastal area of modern-day Peru. Known for their architectural works and innovations in road networks and terrace fields, which inspired the Inca Empire structures, they are also the inspiration for WARI Rectangular Rug. Intended to honor the innovative spirit of these people, WARI is a living room rug that easily adapts to every home decor.

Yagua Rug

Yagua are the indigenous people from Colombia and Peru. Their name originates either from the Quechua term “yawar” meaning ‘the color of blood’, or from the term yagua in Spanish meaning ‘royal palm’. These strong character features are represented in YAGUA rectangular tencel rug, and its fierce rock-like pattern and light grey hues. Relive the ancient Yagua traditions in your living room area thanks to Yagua tencel rug.

September Rectangular By India Mahdavi For Golran

Yupik Rug

The Yupik are a group of indigenous people Alaska. Traditionally, the families spent spring and summertime at fishing camps and then joined with others at village sites for the winter. The travel to search for food and the resistance to cold weather of these people are represented on the YUPIK rectangular botanical silk rug, like the routes that they have taken for all these years.

La Land Rug

La Land is a long pile version of the Amazon rug from the botanical collection. It has several pastel colors that are blended with a fluffy feeling, which makes it a very trendy piece. A strong and modern rug, made with New Zealand Wool and Bamboo Silk, bringing the power of nature into your home decoration.


Aymara Rug

Aymara people are an indigenous nation that lives between the Andes and the Altiplano regions of South America. The stripes pattern in the traditional Aymara poncho is reflected in the new BRABBU’s wool rug, named after this strong population. AYMARA rectangle wool rug is the ideal rug for modern home decor where small details like a wool rug can bring the soberness that these ambiances require.

Portello By Mohebban

Bemba Rug

The Bemba are named the royal clan or “the people of the crocodile” in the provinces of Zambia. Their many legends and histories intertwine and cross generations, like the BEMBA rectangle rug with its many lines in hand-tufted wool, with grey and black colors. This soft rug has been carefully created thinking on the heritage of the tribe to give a smooth and special touch.

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