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Fuorisalone 2015 preview: Piero Lissoni and Kartell soft, trend of 2015

Towards multi-sensory experience in design concept Kartell will be offering its own broad vision of design today at Salone Del Mobile in Milan, during Milan Design Week 2015, with a display and new products strongly emphasizing its transversal and contemporary lifestyle concept.

A brand and its products clearly identified with a style of being and living and always marked by research, planning, industrial production, quality, glamour and elegance but now being applied in new commodity sectors. A reflection of hard, good and well thought work.

With Kartell, Lissoni considered the basic concepts of seating, roomy down-filled cushions varying the diferente upholstery materials with a polycarbonate frames. His focus for the Italian company is seating, understanding the diferente materials for his many contemporary pieces.

Fuorisalone 2015 preview0


With its products Kartell is moving beyond the home sector and reaching out to the person who lives in the home, bringing them together in the vital harmony of osmosis. That is how this brand experience has become multi-sensory and goes far beyond the functional use of an interior design item, transforming itself into a lifestyle.

Audrey soft

Fuorisalone 2015 preview1

Fuorisalone 2015 previews will be featuring, among others, the collection of home decor accessories and fragrances, Kartell Fragrances, the coloured variations of the rechargeable Battery table lamp and the new finishing of the Aunts&Uncles collection in black policarbonate, now completed also by a side-table.

Collection Aunts&Uncles

The Kartell Fragrances designed by Ferruccio Laviani

Perfume is a key element to how one experiences an environment. Its function is to give a pleasing quality to the areas it reaches and to therefore enhance them, promoting physical and mental wellbeing. Hence the Kartell vision of creating a new brand to unite Industrial Design and Perfumery. The first collection of Kartell Fragrances in the capable hands of Ferruccio Laviani offers 8 different home fragrances (specially concocted for Kartell by “expert noses” from some of the best essential oils houses in the world) and released by various types of objects designed by Ferruccio Laviani: candles (Dice, Nikko, Oyster), vaporisers (Perfumegun), electronic devices with capsules (Pop-Up and Vogue) and diffusers with high tech fibre aroma reeds (Cache-Cache, Ming). Fuorisalone 2015 preview3 Fuorisalone 2015 preview4

Sophistication, irony, colour and technology matched with new shapes titillate the sense of smell and design with the result that this new collection is simply unique on the international perfumery scene.


Design Ferruccio Laviani

The various appointments on the calendar this 2015 also include the International Year of Light. The subject of lighting is very dear to Kartell which has assiduously pursued innovation in technology and materials in one of the most dynamic areas of the furnishing sector.

A recent study by Bain & Company shows that Kartell is the third best-known brand in the world of lighting. This is indeed a highly prized accomplishment for a brand which never claimed to include this particular area in its own core business. The Kartell Lights collection began operations in 2002 and now boasts over 15 different lamp models (table and floor lamps, wall sconces and hanging and wall fixtures). Perfect for furnishing both public and private areas, the Kartell lights predominantly highlight the use of plastics, transparencies and colours. The latest creation bearing the signature of Ferruccio Laviani is Battery, a small-size lamp with shade and LED lighting: its great innovation is that it can be 100% recharged with a USB cable and can last for 6 hours. It now comes in 7 new nuances in addition to the entirely transparent crystal version.

Fuorisalone 2015 preview5


Aunts Uncles & collection – new finishing in black polycarbonate and side-table Design Philippe Starck

Fuorisalone 2015 preview2

After the sofa Uncle Jack and the armchair Uncle Jim, the Aunts&Uncles collection faces an evolution in its colors and finishings and widens with new items. As a result of an extraordinary formal and functional innovation, these pieces represent concretely and tangibly the boldest and most virtuous examples of injection technology of polycarbonate in a single mould. In 2015, they come to fulfillment in a full coloured black version, and welcome a new side-table. A linear and essential design, whose small size make it a versatile, easy to use object. An amazing little family of furniture that can live both indoors and outdoors, and perfectly fits in the contract industry.

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