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Georgia Features Its Best Interior Designers!

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Georgia is perhaps best known for its homey, stylish, and modern appeal that is infused with Southern hospitality and charm. In today’s article, Home and Decoration explores 25 of the best interior designers in Georgia, most of which based in Atlanta. The following interior designers and studios are amongst the best in all of Georgia due to their creativity and high-end work as well as their mission-driven design and client-centered design approaches.


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1. Amy Morris Interiors

Image courtesy of Amy Morris

Amy Morris creates artful, tradition-steeped interiors that function beautifully in the modern world. Since founding Amy Morris Interiors in 2005, this Atlanta-based designer has built a collaborative, client-centered practice dedicated to shaping residential environments marked by warmth, simplicity, and a seamless continuity between past and present.


2. Balance Design

Image courtesy of Balance Design

Balance Design is a different kind of design firm as they curate interiors that showcase their clients’ personalities. Since its inception in 2002, Balance Design has found that careful listening and collaboration create the most original yet timeless and authentic interiors. Utilizing environmentally sustainable materials, local artists and craftspeople, hand-knotted rugs, and remarkable furnishings are what make this design firm so unique.




3. Carter Kay

Image courtesy of Carter Kay Interiors

When looking for contemporary twists on traditional decor, it pays to carefully consider the body of work the best interior designers Atlanta have on view, because as you can imagine, this is an easy, effective way to take in the many possibilities they can create in your home.


4. Erika Ward

Image courtesy of Erika Ward

Regarded as one of the most influential interior designers in Atlanta, Erika Ward established her own firm back in 2006, specializing in a contemporary meets classic interior design aesthetic. Erika Ward Interiors has grown exponentially and thrilled countless design clients with her team’s attention to detail and client-focused services.



5. Habachy Designs

Image courtesy of Habachy

Michael Habachy, the owner of Habachy Designs, has created luxury interiors for decades. He attributes his success to passion, a strong work ethic, and positive relationships with clients. The firm’s designs have appeared in several publications — local, national and international.



6. Harrison Design

Image courtesy of Harrison Design

Harrison Design specializes in high-end residential architecture, interior design, and landscape architecture for clients throughout the U.S. and abroad. From traditional to modern, our body of work represents the full spectrum of scale and style.


7. Joel Kelly Design

Image courtesy of Joel Kelly

From stately to ultra-modern, Joel Kelly Designs is one of the most interesting interior design companies in Atlanta as their portfolio features a dramatic range of projects within various design styles.


8. J Wheeler Designs

Image courtesy of J Wheeler Designs

Timeless, livable spaces that tell a story. That’s what interior designer James Wheeler has been recognized for. The Georgia-native founded his design practice in 2012 and since then his classic meets contemporary style has been injected into small and large scale spaces throughout Atlanta, New York, California, and the Southeastern United States.



9. Kandrac & Kole Interior Design

Image courtesy of Kandrac & Kole Interior Design

Kandrac & Kole has established a well-known reputation for their approachable, dynamic personalities, their signature use of color and pattern, and their custom designs. They have also been voted as Atlanta’s Top 20 Residential Interior Designers by Atlanta Business Chronicle.



10. K Kong Designs

Image credit to Mali Azima

K Kong Designs is an Atlanta-based, full-service interior design firm, that specializes in both residential and commercial projects. Inspired by architecture, form, and function, K Kong Designs creates spaces that are inviting and engaging, while seamlessly blending a traditional, classic aesthetic, paired with a fresh mix of bold contemporary design elements.



11. Mark William Design Associates

Image credit to Brett Beyer

Guided by Mark Williams and Niki Papadopoulos, Mark Williams Design is a firm made up of a long-standing team of architectural and interior designers who have been creating signature projects together since 1998. Their philosophy is one that respects the cohesive relationship between architecture and interior design.



12. Melanie Turner Interiors

Image courtesy of Melanie Turner Interiors

Inspired by fashion and borrowing a palette from nature, Melanie Turner’s interiors possess a timeless quality that celebrates architectural details and classic design. With a background in commercial and residential interiors and construction, Melanie works closely with clients to design homes that reflect the owner’s style and personality and provide a sophisticated, yet unassuming, refuge.


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13. Minhnuyet Hardy

Image courtesy of Minhnuyet Hardy

Mixed metals, layers on layers of sumptuous textures, and eclectic items make up every interior by Minhnuyet Hardy, from hallways to bedroom design and beyond. Her interest in history and years of travel experience certainly shine through in her designs.


14. Nandina Home & Design

Image courtesy of Nandina

Co-owner, interior designer, and director of marketing Susan Victor say that “great interiors are defined as much by emotions as they are by beauty.” Nandina Home & Design works with decors that include traditional, transitional, eclectic, and contemporary. Victor is joined by co-owners/designers Sue Shannon and John Ishmael, as well as Lead Designers Michelle Merritt and Jessie La Falce.



15. Nishi Design Studio

Image courtesy of Nishi Design Studio

As “curators of holistic maximalism”, Nishi Design Studio takes on more than meets the eye to give clients a home that is not only beautifully furnished but also houses positive energy. Nishi’s modern east meets west fusion is inspired by Nature and the intrinsic essence of her clients. She aims to create interiors that inspire stories and in which people flourish.



16. Peace Design

Image courtesy of Peace Design

Founded by William Peace, Peace Design interiors are often layered with meaningful objects curated from our clients’ family collections. We encourage people to discover what inspires them and to pursue special objects of interest in their travels. These belongings effortlessly deepen the personal character of a home. Their interiors are contextual as they gather inspiration from a home’s natural surroundings.


17. Pineapple House

Image courtesy of Pineapple House

With over 35 years of distinguished projects under their belt, Pineapple House is often considered one of the most remarkable interior designers in Atlanta, and for good reasons. Handling everything from renovations to single room refreshes, this team of modern interior designers is equipped to deal with big or small projects with authority and confidence. Projects range from decorating to new construction, in locations worldwide.



18. Robert Brown Interior Design

Image courtesy of Robert Brown

Robert Brown is nationally renowned for his clean, classic interiors that meld luxurious finishes and furnishings with a mix of contemporary art and antiques to create rooms that are layered, timeless, and refined. After a distinguished career in the men’s fashion industry, Brown now turns his focus on creating well-tailored and highly edited interiors for his clients, as well as curating the inventory for his shop, Townhouse.


19. Rooms Revamped

Image courtesy of Rooms Revamped

With over 15 years of serving the greater ATL area, Rooms Revamped provides customized affordable interior design Atlanta with a practical approach to solving design dilemmas big and small. The interior design studio is led by designer Robin LaMonte.



20. Sherry Hart Designs

Image courtesy of Sherry Hart

A look through Sherry Hart’s stunning portfolio is quick to illustrate her deft hand at creating lush, layered home decor energized with subtle nuances and hints of the exotic for the best in luxurious interior design. When looking for top interior designers in Atlanta to create a plush, enviable home chock full of intriguing interior design, we can’t think of a better local resource to consider.


21. Studio Trimble

Image courtesy of Studio Trimble

Based in Blue Ridge, GA since 2002, StudioTrimble has one of the largest design libraries and furniture dealerships containing some of the latest materials in the design and construction business.



22. Terracotta Design Build

Image courtesy of Terracotta

Terracotta is an award-winning residential DESIGN-BUILD and INTERIORS company that delivers a seamless integration of style, function, and construction quality. With an eye for creativity and the muscle to build well, the design team believes that people don’t always need bigger houses, but certainly deserve better homes!


23. The Design Atelier

Image courtesy of The Design Atelier

Led by Melanie Miller, The Design Atelier is an interior design firm committed to delivering meaningful spaces. The group consisting of a skilled team of creatives values architecture and the details that make each project unique.


24. Tish Mills

Image courtesy of Harmonious Living

Since forming Harmonious Living in 1999, Tish Mills has become known for creating highly peaceful spaces that are a true reflection of the homeowner’s personality and the way that they live. Tish uses a mix of color and materials from the surroundings to create balanced spaces that are seamless from the interior to the exterior.

25. Tribus Interior Design

Image courtesy of Tribus Interior Design

After more than a decade of helping clients create their luxury dream homes, Susan Peace-Vernon partnered with Tom Dillard to start Tribus Interior Design in 2015. The Renowned interior design firm specializes mostly in a full circle design, from concept to completion!




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