Best Projects by EDG

Best Projects by EDG Best Projects by EDG bb upholstery 750

EDG is a leading innovator in hospitality, restaurant, and commercial design, with expertise in branding, strategy and operational excellence. We present authentic stories with the power to transform audiences and we create value for Owners and Operators throughout the world. Take a look to some of their projects!



Fairmont, SingaporeCITY OF LIONS
Fairmont Singapore is a leading luxury hotel in this modern metropolis that is home to the business, arts and of course, the F1. This renovation and repositioning helps set the hotel apart for years to come. A dynamic lobby and registration experience opens up the space with fluidity, angularity and drama. Anti:Dote provides a unique bar and lounge experience with a youthful take on luxury, sparkle and glow- the new place to see and be seen in the mixology ‘scene’.Hospitality projects by EDG  Best Projects by EDG Best Projects by EDG retina Fairmont Singapore Retina 06Fairmont, Singapore