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How to Brighten Up a Dark Room

Is your home surrounded by trees and large foliage, making it cool in the summer, but also leaving your rooms feeling dark and gloomy? Do you have a favorite, small room that suffers from having only one window? Perhaps you live in a downstairs apartment whose only windows are located above eye level. Is it? Here we show you some ways to brighten up that dark room where you live in!



Replace Heavy Drapes


Heavy drapes can make any living room appear dark and drab. To brighten the dark space, replace light-blocking drapes with something light in color and weight. Opt for light-filtering blinds instead of shades. With or without a new coat of paint, the living room will look and feel lighter and naturally brighter.


Add Stylish Room-Enhancing Lighting


No matter the style of the living room, you can find room-enhancing lighting to match your design preference. Consider track lighting for a contemporary space, or select table lamps and/or floor lamps for a more traditional room. Choose shades that will fill it with light instead of directing it down towards the floor. Opt for brighter LED bulbs that will light up the living room on the darkest of days. Bulbs and shade styles can make a tremendous difference when striving to brighten a dark  room.


Use Mirrors in a Creative and Clever Way


Wall mirrors can also be used to provide an illusion of space by visually multiplying vertical surfaces. They will also reflect and multiply light. To make a dark and dreary space brighter, hang a large stylish mirror across from a window or a source of artificial light. A living room can be instantly brighter, and it will look far more spacious.


Control the Clutter


We all have clutter. Those knick knacks that you collect on vacation, piles of books you intend to read, craft projects waited to be started. However, clutter makes a room seem more closed in and dark. Banish all but a few, well-chosen items to drawers or cabinets. Plus, be mindful of adding new items to your newly brightened room. Clutter can sneak up on you.


Limit the furniture


Dark, wooden furniture, while attractive, can darken a room and make it feel smaller than it actually is. Avoid over-furnishing your rooms. Instead, choose one exquisite piece to be the focal point and surround it with lighter-colored, less-substantial accent pieces. And, contrary to what your father might tell you, don’t be afraid to paint wooden furniture white or other light and bright colors. A garage sale chest of drawers or bookcase with a coat of ivory paint can become an attractive–and bright–place to store linens, books or hobby items

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