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7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must Know

lapiaz center table


Article originally published on May 7, 2020


7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must Know –  The famous Elle Decor magazine wants to keep you updated with the latest design terms… Find out which are top keywords that are used to describe a really successful interior design project as well as their correct meanings!


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To make sure that you don’t get confused in any conversation with another design lover, or interior designer, here are the best interior design keywords used in the industry and their meaning, according to the Elle Decor list! These will help you express your inspirational design ideas in the bests way possible. Keep up with the latest interior design terms and we promise that any conversation will turn out to be a little more interesting!


lapiaz center table


#1 Timeless

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowA timeless design is something that stays in the interior design enthusiasts’ mind no matter what years or seasons past… In other words, this style is something that turns out to be legendary or iconic and is always in season for that reason! For example, this living room decor features a timeless design with its neutral and metallic color tones combined with some luxury furnishings, like the Lapiaz center table by Boca do Lobo!

#2 Chic

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowThe design term that stands for “trust me, you’ll like it”! The chic living room decor features two unique upholstered armchairs by Brabbu complemented with a bespoke center table by Boca do Lobo called Eden Gold that is just breathtaking!


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#3 Eclectic

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowThis design term is commonly used when we are talking about the combination of multiple design styles or aesthetics. For example, the contemporary armchairs by Brabbu look amazing with the modern bathtub design in this luxury bathroom project.


#4 Layered

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowWhen you have a layered interior design project, that means that you add to it multiple colored and textured elements to create interest. For example, the layered bathroom design that we can see in the picture features not only some glamorous golden details, like the Colosseum mirror but also a velvety black stool and a bespoke freestanding by Maison Valentina!

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Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte


#5 Bespoke

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowSomething that was custom made to your taste! For example, the bespoke center table by Boca do Lobo contrasts beautifully with the beige upholstery on the brand’s Soleil sofas!


#6 Refined

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowThis design concept means that you did the right choices in your interior design project… If your luxury furnishings (like the Wormley side table by Essential Home) go well with your incredible lighting designs (such as Delightfull‘s Brubeck Pendant) then the overall look is something extremely refined!



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#7 Elevated

7 Important Interior Design Keywords That You Must KnowThis means that something was taken to a whole new level in terms of style or design. This living room decor was elevated to a luxury design with the incredible golden Apotheosis side table by Luxxu placed right next to the bespoke sofa!


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