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Every year color comes and go, but some are eternal. If the fashion rule says that “Black is the new black”, 2017 is also using that rule for interior design styles. According to Houzz, sleek black stainless will occupy the so common gleaming silver appliances10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017 If during the past years, homeowners gave less and less attention to this space and even found new uses for it, 2017 brings the comeback of the formal dining rooms with a stylish room decoration. The modern ready-to-seat and ready-to-eat dinner will be replaced by glamorous spaces, ideal to receive guests.10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017

If a mirror can be a decorative item that styles up some rooms in a home, why not use this bold statement mirrors also in the bathroom? Of course that a plain rectangular mirror can get the job done, but this year is time to be bold and get a new style at the bathroom design!10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017 dl-graphic-800

One of the biggest design fairs in Europe, Maison et Objet, defined as the trend for this year the precious and raw materials on home interiors. Houzz is also into that trend and advice to use it on kitchen design. Use the Nature to inspire you and create a kitchen that embraces an open space where raw materials are the protagonists.10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017

Simple one-color kitchens are out of style. A kitchen needs a special element to make its room decoration bolder and more attractive. 2017 is the year of beautiful kitchens with glamorous elements, such as exuberant pendants.10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017 d9c6b652768fbab7c35343a91ec6e22316530d0dd81f60e246pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Sun is an essential element for a happy life and during this year, it will have a special place on the decoration of home interiors. Large windows allow that sun takes over the room design, and this is one of the trends for 2016. Let the sun fill your home and give it a cozier ambiance.10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017

Let home interiors get a bolder and daring room decoration and use wallcovering to get it. Houzz announced it as one of the huge trends for 2016. A dramatic wall covering is a perfect way to get a new glamor at your home and impress your guests with an unexpected change!10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017 244b3d83cb5e7272ce7f2d1d4e78c11f4c5151ac03527ac653pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

The times that bathroom design was despised are over! 2016 brings stylish bathrooms that take some homey pieces – like an armchair accompanied with a side table and some flowers on top of it – that will make this space feels more like home. Wallcoverings, bold chandeliers, and high-end furniture pieces will fill the bathrooms10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017

The decorating goal for 2016 bedrooms will be to get a warmer and welcoming space with the right design pieces. Stylish chandeliers and high-end furniture guarantee a stylish room decoration and will make the creation of a true sleep oasis easier.10 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS YOU MUST KNOW FOR 2017


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