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Jaclyn Genovese’s Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration

Jaclyn Genovese’s Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration – Her Canadian-based design studio, also known as Space by Jacflash has completed a wide range of projects for famous celebrity clients, like Youtube’s Jus Reign and Ask Kimberly, NBA’s Patrick Patterson, and radio host Blake Carter. Her incredible work has been published in several publications like The Globe &Mail, Toronto Life and City Lige Mag.

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The interior designer believes that the craftsmanship is being led by Europe, especially with Poliform, that she considers as a top brand. Jaclyn Genovese, the head designer for Spaces by Jacflash, firmly believes in the development of “optimal quality, reliability, and innovation” within the interior design industry.

Although Jaclyn Genovese has achieved many prestigious awards, she affirms that she will never achieve everything she wants in life but “at the same time I am very content with where I am at in my career. There is always more to accomplish! I would love to design a boutique hotel in the near future”! With her success, we’re sure that she’ll get the opportunity to explore within the interior design world.

Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

Spaces by Jacflash, an incredible interior design company from Canada, that was beautifully founded by Jaclyn Genovese in 2013. Once a fashion boutique, she transformed her life’s work into an amazing luxury design industry. “I love the satisfaction of creating a finished project and seeing how ecstatic my clients are during the reveal. It is easy to get emotionally involved in a project so to see someone love their new space as much as I do is extremely fulfilling”.


So, the interior designer rejoyces on the embellishment of every project, for every client that she embraces. Jaclyn Genovese takes on an emotional feeling once she sees the final results within every project.

Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

One thing that really fulfills the Jaclyn Genovese at a professional level, is the ability to establish designs that perfectly reflect their client’s taste and personality. “I love creating designs that reflect my client’s personality. When my clients reveal how much they love their new space and how it truly feels like them, this is the most fulfilling aspect of my job. Nothing beats the final day of staging and the client reveal”!


Once their feedback about the project is amazing, she’s completely satisfied with her work method, also being able to join her design identity. Jaclyn Genovese design identity easily resembles her inspiration on top designers such as Christian Liagre, Kelly Wearstler and Christine Dovey. “My inspiration can differ depending on the client’s style, needs, wants, budget and space itself”.

Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

“We have worked with many clients and every single one is entirely different than the last. One client that we are working with wants his condo to essentially look like a showroom. He does not want a toothbrush out, things like cooking and laundry are not a priority to him. He doesn’t require a lot of storage space and everything in the condo is designed around entertaining. It was quite surprising that functionality was not his main concern, but his overall goal is to be able to bring the client’s to his space to host. Alternatively, I also have a client with 3 children, whose main concern is functionality, organization, and keeping their space as homey feeling as possible”. 

Jaclyn Genovese’s love for fashion allowed for an obvious and easy transition to interiors; where she once connected with retail clients and suggested outfits suitable to their personal style, she chooses furniture and accessories that reflect her design clients’ taste and lifestyle. Jaclyn Genovese is able to perfectly balance a lot of different clients, that share completely opposed lifestyles.

Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

With the amazing virtue of balancing different types of clients, as well as design styles, Jaclyn Genovese carries a style that’s constantly evolving, and in touch with the latest trends. From a large range of decor styles, she’s able to meticulous select the one that’s adequate to each client.

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“I would describe my personal style is constantly evolving, but I gravitate towards clean, modern spaces with organic touches, combined textures, and lustrous touches. I believe the most unique thing we do at Spaces by Jacflash is to design a space according to our clients’ style, rather than creating projects in our own style. From modern and industrial, to shabby-chic, to eclectic, our designs reflect the personality, taste, lifestyle, and culture of our clients”.

Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

It’s not only her ability to perfectly balancing her clients and the different styles, but also the method she uses to get to her audience. “My audience and I have a very trusting relationship. I listen to what they want and need, and design accordingly. The majority of my advertising is done on my social media. I have a pretty organic way of communicating and advertising with my audience, and new jobs seem to pop up fairly effortlessly because of my wide audience. As I’m finishing a project up, I will post photos on my social media and within hours receive new job requests”!


Social media is Jaclyn Genovese favorite tool to get the work discovered by potential clients. In that order, she creates a personal relationship with her clients, giving the opportunity for the audience to keep up.

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Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

Of course, every industry sometimes suffers from external or internal aspects that could be challenging to the company’s growth. No company is strange or immune to it, and it doesn’t matter the industry, it is normal when things get a little rough. Jaclyn Genovese demonstrated that she’s able to perfectly overcome every obstacle, by taking it day by day and focusing on giving 100% commitment to her work.

Maya Armchair Upholstery BRABBU

“As it often is for most entrepreneurs, the most challenging time in my career was when I first started Spaces by Jacflash. Although it was difficult, it was very exciting exploring my style and design techniques, making contacts, building a good team, and growing my portfolio. I overcame these challenges by starting small and taking everything day by day. I started with simple decor projects on my own. I hired a subcontractor to make my floor plans at a flat rate, and as I gained the knowledge and experience and progressively more clients, I was able to hire a bigger team. I learned the ins and outs of renovations by doing my own house and made sure that I was on site every day all day, watching every contractor, and taking as many notes as I could. Now the technical side of the job is more like a formula so I can focus on the art and design of the space”.


Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

“We are working on multiple projects at the moment. To name a few – a new build guest house that is very minimal and features a lot of white oak and clean lines. We are also working on an office on Richmond that is masculine and modern with black mullion windows, light oak floors, white walls, and rich furniture. We are working on a large house in Ajax that includes a movie theatre, a glass-enclosed gym. The entire home has been gutted. Another project we are working on is a more traditional decor project in a home uptown where the client loves color and character”.  


Jaclyn Genovese has completed a wide range of projects from residential design to commercial pop-ups and worked with celebrity clients like Youtube’s Jus Reign and Ask Kimberly.

Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

Jaclyn Genovese’s projects have already been featured in publications including The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life, and City Life Mag. Most recently, Jaclyn won Interior Designer of the Year at the 2018 Notable Awards. The award sits proudly on the mantle of her Bloor West townhouse, which received it’s own Spaces by Jacflash makeover in 2017.

Turner Family

The interior designer really thinks that the “light and minimal but still warm and organic is very in. Less glass and white stark minimalism and more rich stone and light woods”. Based on that thought, she thinks that minimalism is leading the way.

Jaclyn Genovese's Luxury Design Projects Are A Canadian Inspiration
Image Credit: Jaclyn Genovese

“With Marie Kondo’s decluttering methods taking over the world, and the wave of sustainability, less consumption, and environmental and space concerns, people are really starting to stick to the essentials. With this being said, people are going to focus on fewer items but increased textures and tactility”. In the future, the Jaclyn Genovese thinks of a more sustainable and environmental concerned design.

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