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His geniality began to be discovered at School Camondo. It was the first step to achieve solid credibility among the french design society. His constant work didn’t let anyone indifferent: it’s just needed to merely mention his name to know you are talking about one of the best interior designersof the moment.

1.You started your journey into the fascinating world of interiors at the School Camondo. How your inspirations and hobbies of that time influenced your interiors’ aesthetics of today?

I feel very fortunate to have attended the Ecole Camondo as it is one of the most prestigious schools in the business. There I studied contemporary styles and concepts which enabled me to develop my analytic capacities and creative mind, but I rapidly felt that the program was too limiting. That is the reason why I started to work at the age of 21, managing renovations and undertaking apartment restorations. I was also passionate about art history and architecture, which led me, upon graduating, to open my own agency. The school provided me with solid credibility because of its untarnished reputation and my own work gave me the confidence I needed.


2. Tell us about your first design work. Do you have any butterflies swirling in your stomach or do you have a lot of confidence?

One of my first projects for a client was an apartment on Quai de Seine in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. It was for an American investment firm and comprised full renovation, furnishing and accessorizing from books to clothes hangers. As it was the only project I had at the time, I derived immense pleasure creating it from A to Z. It was a tremendous experience!

Each and every project has given me satisfaction as each one has helped me grow. I work only on projects I like, with people I like, so there is no effort of any sort. As I am passionate about every project I select and work on, I give myself entirely to it.  I am very lucky to work with amazingly great clients, and with incredible laborers, craftsmen, and artisans. Each project is an achievement and I am always looking forward to the next one! I can never have enough, I always need more! Bigger and better!


3. As a master in the world of interiors, part of your job description is to be attentive to the wishes of the client.  Was there ever a time when you refused projects that do not fit you?

I only work on inspiring projects in collaboration with inspiring clients. In order to express myself creatively, I must feel comfortable in every aspect. I choose projects that fit my career path and that will get me to the next level.


4. Tell us about your latest projects and defys more innovatives.

All my projects are important to me; I could never choose one over the other.  But if I had to, I would pick the 30 000 square foot palace I built from scratch in India which took five years to complete. When I decide to take on a project, it becomes as central to me as all of the others. The most exciting project is always the one to come as it is replete with questioning and potential evolution. I am always very much looking forward to the future.  


5. Your combination of wood with dark colors and textures applied to furniture always seem to reflect a certain level of elegance and sophistication. Would you say that this is your signature look?

I do not believe I possess a delineated signature as I tend to adapt to my clients’ expectations and the country the project is located in among other elements. I adore stories, destinations, singular craftsmanship and interacting with the client to reach arresting results. My work signature, although vague, is about creating unique atmospheres while retaining a sense of utmost chic and timeless elegance.


6. Describe your dream’s client.

Each of the projects we undertake is for an ideal client as good communication is the basis for any kind of successful collaboration. As such, we tend to choose the clients rather than their projects.

The ideal client is someone whom I am in phase and in tune with, someone who is already well aware of my work and who is eager to collaborate with me over anyone else. He is in a trusting mood and highly excited about our collaboration; he is someone whom I look very much forward to working with and whose project I have at heart.


7. Use one word to describe: How your customers perceive you? How your employees perceive you? How do you want to be perceived by our brand KOKET?

Chic as it is something you either have or don’t. It cannot be bought, learned or acquired. Chic is quite difficult to qualify. It is about style of course but mostly about the proper dosage and clever balance of elements.  


8. Which is your dream project ?

Ideally, it would be a highly extravagant, eccentric and theatrical palatial five-star hotel, preferably in a major city. Structurally speaking, I would simply adore a large classical building with very high reception rooms. I would love to be given carte blanche so as to exploit my creativity to the fullest and design something distinctive and memorable.


9. Describe a memorable moment when love happened with a cabinet, or with a material. Describe the room and the moment of eternal love.

I possess a strong artistic sensibility. I find beauty in unsuspected places and forms. I cannot name a specific piece that has caused me giddiness or palpitations as I experience such intense feelings too often. I take advantage of every opportunity to marvel. It is like chasing a high.


10. To finish this interview, please select your favorite piece from KOKET, and which way you wish to use it.

I would choose the Gem table lamp as I am enamored with sculptural pieces. I find the emerald gem ensnared in a net of polished brass quite poetic.


Lustre Helios  from Jean-Louis Deniot , Collection Pouenat


Achille Mirror, from Jean-Louis Deniot, Collection Pouenat


Chair ULYSSE from Jean-Louis Deniot, Collection Pouenat


Babylone Lamp from Jean-Louis Deniot , Collection Pouenat


Gently via KOKET

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