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Jillian O´neill Interior Design- Top projects!

Houston is proven to be one of the most talented cities in the United States! The best musicians always end up in this amazing city and the best Interior Designers also know were to find their best inspiration. Houston is a resourceful place if you´re looking for talented people!

Jillian O´neill is a well know talented designer who just rocks out every single project she puts her hands in! Get to know her with us!YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 6 CONTEMPORARY PROJECTS YOU CAN’T MISS BY MAUREEN STEVENS DESIGN

This bathroom as a unique touch due to the well thought out choice of wall lamps! This proves that you can turn the most simple ad basic divisions into endearing rooms just with the right designs!Jillian Oneill This next little corner says everything! The choice of the Armchair, the floor Lamp, the Armoire and that wall lamp! It is just absolutely perfect! The yellow and brown tones! Jillian Oneill In a more wide space picture you can take a look at how Jillian´s Talent works, every space has it´s importance and detailed persona and all in combination lead to the perfect designed room. Again, the perfect detail above the night stand! This wall lamp looks perfect!
Jillian Oneill dl-graphic-800Has you can see this is one of the most complete pictures of her projects the color, the disposition of the designs and the choice of lighting! It looks astonishing! The table, the armchairs, the floor lamp and that chandelier! Congrats to Jillian she is a completely amazing designer.Jillian OneillThis Armchair looks just amazing in this corner and the combination between the neutral colors and the lilac of the flowers really catches you eye!Jillian Oneill5c8efc8eb2864b5cf5209bdb2bd97b6fcc460382865e3d8a48pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYOU MAY ALSO LIKE: HOW TO DECORATE A UNIQUE MID-CENTURY LIVING ROOM

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