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In an almost ending year we, at Home & Decoration, will leave you inspired by letting you know about Studio 11 Design!

Ever wondered how a room can instantly make you feel comfortable the minute you enter the space? Or how can it make you more willing to get down to business or even make you fell more willing to work hard? Well, wonder more! It´s all about the aesthetics of the place and the work and aims the interior design had towards that division. It´s amazing what the decoration of a space can do to you, you can just instantly tell!

Studio 11 Design is an example of a successful interior design firm and this is due to the fact that they focus on producing innovative and effective design solutions in an incredible way! This studio is now internationally recognized “just” because they manage to create soulful spaces!

Pretty amazing right?! So stick up with us guys, we are sure you wanna find more information about this wonderful Design Studio!banner-new-catalogue-covet-loungeSEE ALSO: TOP 5 USA INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINES

The Sheraton Austin is an incredible Hotel at the Capital that was originally built in 1986. Austin is a city that lies in the heart of Texas and is known from holding a diverse community that expresses a rich education, politics, entertainment and the arts and pride in all things local, genuine and unique! So of course when it was time to renovate this amazing hotel who better to call than Studio 11 Design?!

You can see in the images what an amazing job they did by transforming this space into a sophisticated yet comfortable place, that truly capture the diversity of this city in all terms!

You can now take a look at what they did in this hotel and how fabulously they used Delightfull´s chandelier and that bookshelf, it looks really unique!STUDIO 11 DESIGNSTUDIO 11 DESIGNdl-heritage-750This next project was in San Francisco, California. Of course, it was designed so one can enter and see the beach and vibrant culture of this city, the dining are, the lobby and even the fitness center are all decorating having this as a reference!STUDIO 11 DESIGNIn Las Vegas, The Aria Gold Lounge was a total successful project! It´s like you are entering a beautiful and different universe but of course, it´s a sophisticated and comfortable one! Don´t you think it looks amazing?STUDIO 11 DESIGN DelightfullThe Radisson Addison is a place where family, business and local culture are gathered as one, as you can see all sorts of life events happen here! For example, the lobby and bar were redesigned to create an open and inviting plan suited for gathering and socializing, all the lighting in the public spaces is costume designed and all of the rooms intend to express the lifestyle in Addison, TX, they are modern, innovative and forward thinkers with an established family- oriented community and Studio 11 Design manage to express it all in each division! Amazing job right?STUDIO 11 DESIGNThe Starwood Le Meridien Canterbury Hotel in Indianapolis has surprised everyone by it´s simple and yet pretty sophisticated design! The color palette was pulled out from the grays of the city and the design and decor as the Skylines light and pattern as a basis! It looks completely amazing, don´t you think?STUDIO 11 DESIGNdl-graphic-750This design is pretty incredible! It has a mixture of mid- century with a modern Style and that wallpaper just looks perfect! This decor has Dallas “written” all over the place don´t you think?!STUDIO 11 DESIGN So now we are visiting Pasadena in California where Studio 11 Design has it’s named on  a wonderful project!

The renovation of this Hotel comes at a great time! Since this Hotel is localized near the historical Old Town, when this phenomenon space was about to be revitalized the Hotel decided to keep up to modernization has well! Of course, Studio 11 Design did, again, an incredible job and conciliated the interior decor with all the aspects mentioned before. as they mentioned, “The interiors will reflect the historical Spanish style in subtle, modernizing ways”! This is the result of their incredible work:STUDIO 11 DESIGN SEE ALSO: TOP 5 USA INTERIOR DESIGN MAGAZINES

Pinterest board or to print it and use in your mood board. Don’t forget to explore our Pinterest  for more Home and Decoration Ideas.4th-edition-coveted-magazineAlso, download this FREE EZINE and get some inspiration from this FOURTH EDITION OF TRENDZINE!

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