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Ljubljana Displays Its Best Projects In Interior Design!



Ljubljana features some of the best projects in the world of interior design. Today, Home and Decoration takes you on a presentation of some of the most amazing projects located in Ljubljana!



AKSL Architects

Chocolate studio Dobnik

Was established in the year 2000 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak. Fields of AKSL work involve architecture, interior architecture, mostly hospitality design. In 2016 AKSL won the» Best interior of the year« award for the Month of Design Ljubljana for project Restaurant Robba in Ljubljana. This was a great example of a hospitality project, with its pastel palette and modern concept.


Decor & Design

Apartment in Ljubljana

The project is the renovation of an old-town apartment in Ljubljana’s Prule. Kragelj architects designed a modern, bright and open apartment in accordance with the needs and wishes of the client. DECOR & DESIGN participated in the project with the supply and installation of serial pieces and custom equipment.



Somewhere In Between

The most memorable work in the bureau was the work on the creation of the interiors of the ship of the museum “Goto Predestination” or “God’s Foresight” in the city of Voronezh. This project focuses on a renovation of the apartment in urban style, where their attention was dedicated to details and materials.



A Place Of Elegant Comfort

This project was designed with a special sense of love for the family living in it – it was their openness, hospitality, and unwavering trust that gave meaning to this project and allowed them to create a space that is in tune with their desires. In furnishing the previous apartment, the clients swore by minimalism in white, so we tried to hang onto this softness and freshness as a guiding stylistic principle as we designed the new home, also enhancing the details by means of pleasant contrasts, soft colors, and materials of various textures.


Terraced House

On the ground floor, we changed the position of the kitchen and living room, so that the better part of the ground floor, where there is plenty of light, belonged to the kitchen and dining room, where the family stays the most. In the central part of the ground floor, we placed a sofa with a view of the fireplace and TV, and right at the entrance, there was a reading corner with bookshelves. Upstairs, we have arranged a bedroom that further extends into the parents ’bathroom with sofa and wardrobe, and space is separated by glass doors painted in shades of gray to make the view more discreet. The teenagers got their own bathroom with a shower and a mirror, where they can write down their thoughts or tasks. In one of the youth rooms, we gained a space of 2 m2 by reducing the corridor and extending the slab above the staircase.


Business Training Center

At the Business Training Center in Ljubljana, we refreshed the previously empty and boring corridors, arranged a new mini library and archive, a paper, and additional workspace under the stairs. CPU operates as an institution, a specialized institution of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for verified and other forms of education, training, and advanced training, so we chose motivational texts in vivid colors for glass surfaces and walls.


Joze Murkovic Interierji


At the foot of the Ljubljana skyscraper, on the edge of the passage, is the Jože Murkovič Salon, which stops the step of a passer-by and enchants and addresses him with its classic but sparkling style. In this project, he decided to invest fully in the classic concept throughout the home.



JVB Design Works

Breg Palace Apartment

This fairly simplistic mansion from the outside used to have a very important function back in the day. The baron and very important intellectual Žiga Zois inherited this place from his father and converted it into a gathering center of the intellectual and social elite of Ljubljana. It is the place where members of the Zois circle have been gathering in the past and where Zois stored his extensive collection of 4000 books and more than 5000 different stone minerals. As such the building is protected as cultural heritage and we embarked on this project having its past in our mind. Instead of bringing in the characteristics of modern interior design, we wanted to build our ideas around the original space.




Ljubljana duplex

Patina is reviving the old. Objects. Crafts. Stories and culture. Patina is an added value. Design. Creativity. Patina uses materials that are already available. As you can see in this project, their design identity is very perceptible!


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Neutral Colors With Duke Pendant

Romi Klimekova

Black, white, beige, and gray lend themselves well to the simplicity of the contemporary and mid-century modern decor. This beautiful living room has the right colors and of course, has perfectly complemented by DelightFULL Duke pendant lamp.

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