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Luxurious Rugs That Look Like Pieces Of Art!

Luxury Tapestry

Luxurious rugs are just one of the many inspirations you will be able to find on Rug’Society’s room by room page. We have stimuli for entryways and hallways, living and dining rooms, closets, and bathrooms, offices, and reading corners!

We will cover all these areas one by one, having already the overall inspirational page! Galleries are mostly used to showcase works of art and the rugs we are about to show to you fit right on that description!


The VALENCIA Rug takes inspiration from a warm summer evening in the Spanish city of the same name. Created with Natural Wool as well as Botanical Silk.


This astonishing combination of geometric rugs exudes inspiration unlike any other lifestyle image in this style. The Joh and Xisto rugs are guaranteed to look amazing in every single ambiance.


If inspiration is what you lack, look no further than this lifestyle image, with a collection of our most requested rugs. The CELL, the IMPERIAL SNAKE, the AGATHA, and the WHITE GARDEN rugs are a guaranteed way to be able to look amazing in your interior designs.


The INKAHOLIC Rug pays tribute to tattoos and the way that they are used to express either our feeling or our life’s story. The art of creating art on your skin dates back thousands and thousands of years, making this rug timeless as well. Created with Botanical Silk.


These two geometric rugs are a great combination, with OSCAR being the masculine representation and MIRA being the female representation. The cubist language in both of these rugs is astonishing, leading to these amazing design pieces that can also be construed as art pieces.



Terrazzo is a flooring composite created in Italy. As one of the biggest current trends, thanks to its bespoke and unique look, we thought that we should also try our hand at this astonishing design. Our TERRAZZO Rug is entirely hand-made and created with Botanical Silk.


If the urban style is how you see the world and yourself, don’t pass up on the opportunity of these amazing rugs resting in your interior designs. The GRAFF and the INKBLIND I rugs create amazing lifestyle images, giving off an urban city vibe.


This astonishing combination of HERONNEPTUNO, and DÊCO rugs gives you infinite creativity. If you love neutral colors or if you need ideas about interior designs, why not check out this combination of great rugs.


This astounding rug takes inspiration from one of the most known avant-garde movements, the Bauhaus. The love for the geometric is present throughout this amazing rug, with the influence of the Bauhaus movement also being undeniable. Created with Visrayon.


The astonishing art gallery in Norway features a blend of three of our rugs from two distinct collections. The AMAZON Rug inspired by the forest of the same name is part of the botanical collection. The INCEPTION and TOULOUSE rugs are part of the neutral collection.



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