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Luxury folding screens to complete your decoration

Home and Decoration presents you today Luxury folding screens to complete your decoration.

Sometimes we know that something is missing in the space that we are decorating. To get some privacy, to divide spaces, or even only to decorate, we show you with these luxury folding screens for you to achieve your goals in your home decoration.

luxury folding screens

The Delphi folding screen by Brabbu screen takes us back to a world of magic and wonder, where the ancient world’s most famous oracle prophesied the futures of kings and countries. Delphi, the holiest site of ancient Greece, is recreated in this folding screen, making your living room a true desirable environment to disclose.

luxury folding screens

This distinctive Avenue folding screen by Boca do Lobo is so elegant that can be easily placed in your home. Avenue is a striking piece that attracts attention and lightens the mood in any space. Its six rotating panels and its unique characteristics allow it to become a work of art by itself, or it can serve a functional purpose as a room divider.

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luxury folding screens

Fascinated with all things wild, from exotic wood textures to the delicate silhouettes of butterflies, the intriguing Euphoria folding screen by Koket captures the mystic and seduction that lies behind the wings of a luxurious butterfly. Black lacquer finish accompanied by brass hardware and detailing.

luxury folding screens

The Monocles folding screen by Essential Home is a refined room divider. The folding Brass structure holds three walnut panels with Brass holes that let you glimpse into the other side. The peeking effect it creates allures the eye to something beyond it, like a moving target through a scope. Stylish like no other, the Monocles folding screen fulfills the setting with a kind of ‘kiss kiss bang bang’ spirit.

luxury folding screens

From the antique fashioned mirrors to the delicately detailed patterns, this temptress will have more than her fair share of lovers shielding themselves behind her screen. The enticing artwork is balanced against slender polished brass frames casting the Jezebel folding screen by Koket as a standing temptress awaiting her prey.

luxury folding screens

Cubic forms have long been incorporated in architecture: since ancient times, and now in cosmopolitan cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai, buildings with this geometrical shape can be seen as well. This shape gives to the cities a modern feel that can be brought to the interiors as well. Hanoi wall screen is inspired in the homonymous Vietnamese city, where a cubic shape museum was built to tell the stories about its city and its people.

luxury folding screens

Possession of furniture with gold and silver leafing symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It was a status symbol in those ancient times that inspired our present furniture, making this Gold wall screen highly desirable statement piece a jewel for the home.

Be inspired by these amazing luxury  folding screens!

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