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Luxury game rooms for adults

Today Home and Decoration presents you luxury game rooms for adults.

There are many different ways to decorate a game room and a million different things one could put into it. But a game room should be a personal reflection of each person and his family. That’s why there are so many different styles in game room design: there’s no one right style, just the right style for each one!

Here are some ideas of themed luxury game rooms to help get your creative juices flowing.

luxury game rooms

You can make a simple game room. This one has an amazing snooker table with bold lines and unique patchwork, on a traditional Portuguese “Manueline” detailing.

luxury game room

This is a contemporary game room in a Las Vegas home, where you can watch  a movie from anywhere in the room.

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luxury game room

The quintessential essence of a game room – a luxurious, frivolous room design only to amuse its owner. This amazing game room includes ornate hardwood game tables, luxurious woodwork and trim, chandeliers, and marble.

luxury game rooms

A very common theme in a game room is sports. If you’ll be watching a lot of sports events in your game room, it might make sense to go with a sports theme. Let your imagination go wild – a game room is just that – a room for games. It’s there for you to enjoy and have fun in with your friends and family. Make sure the style reflects the fun you will have and your personal style as well.

luxury game rooms

You can bring some casino magic to your game room like this one!

luxury game rooms

This is a stunning game room in black and grey – a modern game room is in a class by itself. Common elements include stainless steel, glass, and high-end gaming equipment.

luxury game rooms

The 1950’s was an iconic era in America, and certainly one of the times with the most style and flair, which explains it’s continued popularity in game room design. In this game room we have checkboard floor tiles, 50’s diner stools and a jukebox with neon light tubes.

luxury game roomsThe same in this 1950’s game room in black and white. You can turn a game room into a luxury and sophisticated space to enjoy with your family and friends.

Be inspired by these luxury game rooms!

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