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How marble pieces work in your decoration

Home and Decoration shares with you today how marble pieces work in your decoration.

With its timeless elegance and beauty, marble has long been considered a top luxury trend dating back hundreds of years. In addition to the countless variations in color and texture, this high-end material is durable and long lasting, making it ideal for a myriad of uses in the home.

marble pieces
Craig Center Table

Though it had fallen out of favor, marble is making a modern comeback in homes of all architectural styles.

marble pieces
Lasdun Writing Desk

The key to incorporating marble is to use it prudently rather than in quantities that overwhelm and create a cold and uninviting interior. When used as accent or statement piece, marble creates a sleek, classic look that can blend beautifully with any décor.

marble pieces
Agra Console Table

Marble’s endurance lends itself to be used for items that get a lot of use, such as coffee and end tables as well as kitchen and outdoor dining tables. Choosing neutral colors and minimal grains allow for these statement pieces to work well with other materials that create softness and balance in the space. Wood and leather are two natural elements that work well with marble and help tie the space together.

marble pieces
Metamorphosis Center Table

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marble pieces
Tacca Center Table

Wood and leather and brass are  natural elements that work well with marble and help tie the space together.

marble pieces
Diamond Bathtub

Even in your bathroom, Marble can turn this space into a very luxurious ambiance.

marble pieces
Miller Center Table

Marble lamps, clocks, and candleholders are subtle ways to include touches of marble into a room without overpowering the space. In kitchens, marble cutting boards or a pestle and mortar on display are simple yet effective ways to add the luxury of marble without making a major commitment.

marble pieces
Metamorphosis Sconce


marble pieces
Jacobsen Side Table

Whatever your personal style, marble pieces can be a stunning way to add a modern and timeless touch to your home. The sturdy stone is available in almost every color under the rainbow, ensuring it can either make a strong statement or blend subtly with your home’s design and decor.

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