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Meet Benjamin Johnston, One Of The World’s Inspirational Designers

Benjamin Johnston is a full-service interior design firm that looks to create the most amazing settings in every project. With his talented team of professionals, they pay extra attention to every client, combining their strengths in each project. They share a comprehensive design approach that creates extraordinary homes and commercial environments. In partnership with CovetED, we had the pleasure to interview the head designer, so enjoy!


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Benjamin Johnston

Based In Texas, Benjamin Johnston is an award-winning and internationally-published architecture and design firm is known for creating classic, curated, and cool spaces that are refined reflections of its clients’ lifestyles, personal histories, and aspirations. According to the head designer, the “clients are jet-setting style aficionados who appreciate distinctive spaces with layers of incredible art and exquisitely crafted furniture. They seek ultra-luxury, prestigious homes and want the interiors to reflect their own personalities and, often, their curated collections – be that fine art or otherwise”. 

Benjamin JohnstonTo fulfill his client type, it is vital to feeling love for one’s profession, and the designer couldn’t agree more. What makes him tick is the fact that he brings “extraordinary designs to life”. He’s “passionate about creating environments that bring unparalleled luxury to liveable spaces. I firmly believe that function comes before form, but that both can be beautiful and inviting simultaneously”.

Benjamin JohnstonOf course that every industry comes with its challenges, and although Benjamin Johnston stands as an inspiring designer, he had his shares of ups and downs. As he claimed, “every stage in the career has presented its own unique set of challenges – I don’t think anyone has a perfectly smooth road when building a business. But in reality, each of those twists and turns was invaluable because the lessons I’ve learned in my 20+ year career have positioned me to be the industry leader I am today”. He also stated that “perseverance is the key to overcoming any obstacle and I’ve learned that there are no shortcuts on the path to excellence”.

Benjamin JohnstonThe designer is very exciting about the future of his company since he’s working on securing his “next licensed collection” and his firm recently expanded to “an in-house architecture team which was a very exciting development”. He already developed an amazing furnishing line “that is being pitched to a small group of premier partners”. With all of these exciting events, he makes sure to say that he has not achieved everything in his professional agenda because “there’s always room for growth and that establishing new goals is incredibly important. We should all be pushing ourselves to evolve and improve, even if some of those goals may feel far-fetched at the moment”. 

Benjamin JohnstonThere are many things that the designer is grateful for, especially his professional journey, which he has so much passion for. “It’s clear that I’m passionate about designing innovative homes but I’m a teacher at heart, and I’ve found that the process of developing new talent in the industry is incredibly fulfilling. I love that the firm allows me the opportunity to build a strong creative team and I find so much joy in watching everyone grow in knowledge and skill”.

Benjamin JohnstonBenjamin Johnston proudly states that his relationship with his audience is, more than anything, “organic”. They pride themselves on their “history of referral work and repeat clientele, and we love utilizing Instagram as space where we can share our latest work and what our team is up to with an audience of over 110k”.

Since they have worked on projects in 9 countries, 12 states, and 27 cities around the world, their motto is to never stop. “We’re always working on something new. Our clients certainly keep us on our toes and continually inspired by what they’re seeking in a luxury home“. Their current projects include a cliffside coastal home in California, a penthouse and multiple lake homes in Austin, Texas, and a 25,000 square foot chateau in Houston. 

Benjamin JohnstonOn their constant evolution, they have expanded their business to Austin, where they currently have five new projects under development and moved their team of 14 into a new office space in Houston. Their new headquarters is a redesigned textile mill from the 1800s that is full of character plus the beautiful addition of cabinetry from one of our partners, Medieval”. 

Benjamin JohnstonThey also “debuted a licensed rug collection with Madison Lily Rugs” and are over the moon with the feedback, which means that they are already “working on the second collection to be launched later this year”!

Benjamin JohnstonWith this chaotic year, Benjamin Johnston and his team learned that his organic clientele is ultimately “looking for functional design solutions that are also stylish and comforting, with a returned focus on glamorous details and the bold use of color”. With all of these trendy features, the designer also stated that Houston is particularly cosmopolitan. “The global nature of our clientele is reflected in their style choices – we’re seeing a move away from traditional design (French Country, for example – bye, bye white slip-covered sofas!) and an increase in more varied design choices. Spaces that boast cool and curated lines coupled with an interesting mix of ephemera and accessories picked up during travel are a fabulous combination of serene and patinaed.


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