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Meet The Best Interior Designers In Ljubljana!

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Best Interior Designers in Ljubljana stand out as a great selection for you to work with a high-end designer, in order to design your amazing home. Join Home and Decoration and find out below the best designers we have for you:


A-Interior Designs

I am very inspired by anything design related! My inspirations can be objects, shapes, and colors from nature, people’s personal stories and interests, textures, patterns, artwork…many other things! I believe that every home should meet the functional and aesthetic needs of the homeowners, as well as express their personality, no matter the budget. Well-designed homes bring the quality of life to a higher level. Everyone should feel good when being at home! In that respect (when specifically expressed by the client), I can also consider the flow of energies (basic Feng Shui) when delivering design projects.


AKSL Architects

Was established in the year 2000 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, by Špela Leskovic and Aleš Košak. They both completed their studies at the Faculty for Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Fields of AKSL work involves architecture, interior architecture, mostly hospitality design. On their projects, they work together with graphic designers, photographers, painters, fashion designers, innovators, poets, …to contribute to new projects and ideas. AKSL was nominated for Plečnik’s award in 2008 with their project Restaurant Rožmarin in Maribor. In 2016 AKSL won the» Best interior of the year« award for the Month of Design Ljubljana for project Restaurant Robba in Ljubljana.


Architectural Studio of Natalia Galperina
Our specialists have been designing individual residential buildings and high-class interiors for more than thirty years. The area of our work also includes the author’s support for construction and repair work, a selection of finishing materials, the development of individual elements of the interior and exterior. The work is based on an individual approach to each client, in which we try to understand all the features and preferences of people who will live or work in the newly created space. To make everything as clear as possible to the customer, in the course of work, we make all the necessary sketches and drawings, as well as 3D visualization and, if desired, prototyping. We also design public buildings and interiors such as offices, restaurants, hotels, and others. If there is a need, then our specialists can start decorating an already established space.

Avilova Design

Thanks to the development of design projects during my studies, I was able to easily find a job after graduating from the university in an architecture bureau, where I worked for several years before moving to Slovenia. The most memorable work in the bureau was the work on the creation of the interiors of the ship of the museum “Goto Predestination” or “God’s Foresight” in the city of Voronezh.

Decor & Design

DECOR & DESIGN is a company with a family tradition, which has been engaged in the design and design of interior spaces and the sale of world-renowned interior brands for 30 years. Our showroom is located in Ljubljana and proudly bears its name DECOR & DESIGN alongside the most renowned Italian and international brands of furniture and interior design.


Interior furniture and lighting showroom located in the center of Ljubljana. We are representing a broad range of furniture brands from around Europe. Our professional team of interior designers can help you to plan, design, and implement your interior into HOME.

FIERA Design Studio

At FIERA interior design studio we offer a complete range of interior design services for commercial and residential properties. We are a team of passionate and inspiring interior designers, architects, and engineers with expertise in a full range of interior design services: houses, flats, offices, hotels, restaurants, stores, schools, etc. Each member has his own firm with solo projects in his/her area of expertise. Teams are formed when projects demand more brains to work together.

Fioreti Design & Project
This full-service interior design company focuses on the interior and exterior design of amazing projects with high attention to detail.
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GAO Architects

The internationally acclaimed architectural firm GAO Architects was founded in Ljubljana in 1999 by Petra Zakrajšek, who even today continues to serve as its CEO and leading architect. Our mission is to create a unique story about space, to breathe character into that space, and to find the red thread that transforms an apartment into a warm shelter, a business space into a company’s individual identity, or a ballroom into a second home.




H2O Design
Established in 2006, this interior design firm presents itself as a full-service firm filled with the most amazing projects.



Habitare is a team that, in addition to external contractors, consists of interior designer Lidija Rutar and project manager Sandi Jeram. Habitare has been working in the field of interior design and implementation for many years. We have been implementing our projects for many years in Slovenia and in the Croatian Mediterranean. Although very diverse, we are connected by a passion for designing and creating beautiful spaces.

We are a young team that combines interior design with advanced technologies. We always want to offer the best experience, whether it is renovating an older home, office, or new building equipment. We like to express our creativity with different styles and strive to adapt the spaces to your wishes and needs.

Instant Design
Are you overworked or would you rather leave the decoration of your home to interior design professionals? Don’t worry, we will listen to your wishes and make them come true for you! We will follow your wishes and current trends in interior design and create a functional and aesthetically perfect home for you.
As part of the project work, we offer you a conceptual and implementation plan of interior equipment on a turnkey basis.
The design of the interior of the renovated house was a special pleasure for us due to the excellent cooperation with the owner and the whole family. We chose neutral tones and timeless elegance, two tables for large gatherings, which are occasionally assembled into a large long table and the selection of suitable lights for this purpose was an interesting experience, we arranged an excellent collection of paintings throughout the house, the piano belongs, we were happy to tackle the equipment of the study room with a large book party of the family chief and the rooms of the sons upstairs.
Joze Murkovic Interierji
At the foot of the Ljubljana skyscraper, on the edge of the passage, is the Jože Murkovič Salon, which stops the step of a passer-by and enchants and addresses him with its classic but sparkling style. The main activity we deal with in the salon is the entire design of interior spaces, both private and public and business. The offer includes various levels of construction and adaptation works, transformation, and technological modernization, we also deal with interior design, furniture, textiles, and works of art. In our work, we focus on the classic style with a touch of modernity and use specialized knowledge in the design and work with craft experts.
JVB Design Works

JVB Design Works is a distinguished interior design company based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. With the right design, our team turns any space into an environment of well-being and efficiency reflecting our clients’ own personality and style.


The design studio Live In was founded in 2010 by interior and industrial designers Adam Adamič and David More. We adapt to the current needs of the market and follow the trends in the field of innovation and modern interior design, and above all, we are proud to be able to adapt to even the most demanding wishes of our customers.



Lumino is in Slovenia based studio practicing interior design for private and business spaces and graphic design. The studio is led by Jasna šafar, an architect who lives and works in Ljubljana. She graduated from the faculty of architecture in Ljubljana. And works as an independent artist, in the field of graphic design and interior design.
Patina is reviving the old. Objects. Crafts. Stories and culture. Patina is an added value. Design. Creativity. Patina uses materials that are already available. Sustainable. Patina is Ljubljana. Slovenia. Patina is a movement. Way of life.
PRO-MAK doo is a company that equips special rooms, hotels, swimming pools, discos, and homes with decorative vases, silk and dried flowers, decorative furniture, clay pots, artificial fir trees, artificial trees, and other special accessories that give the room warmth and homeliness.
Studio a3j, d.o.o.
I do all my jobs with love and passion, my motto is “OUT OF THE ORDINARY”, I have more than 15 years of experience/practice, I have a feeling for volume, space, and shape, volume, flair to create “zones”. my style is explicitly contemporary, open floor plans, clean lines, solid cubes, unadorned interiors. I am a self-directed individual with a high level of initiative and a ‘can do’ attitude, Open to feedback, with boundless amounts of positive energy. Highly resourceful problem solver and quick learner with the ability to work both independently and cooperatively in a fast-paced environment.
We are a company with twenty years of experience in lighting design and engineering. We develop, manufacture, and market high-quality luminaires and original and rational lighting solutions. In addition to design and consulting, we offer installation, service, and sale of lamps from top manufacturers of lighting equipment. We join customers already in the initial phase of conceptual design and, together with the architects, we lead it to the realization itself.
A family company that, with more than 25 years of tradition, takes care of the qualifying offer and satisfaction of our customers. The company’s experience dates back to the past, to the time of the Veta wallpaper factory (Vevče tapete), which produced wallpaper for the then Yugoslav market and abroad. From this old Veta factory, the company Intercont doo was formed, which to this day has developed into the largest provider and retailer of interior decoration from world-famous manufacturers.

Established in the year 2010, VOI Limited is a design studio specialized in interior design services and renovation for residential interiors, F&B, and retail sectors. With a background in architecture, we serve to deliver inspiration and creativity to every specific interior solution. We ensure quality design and professional practice services being delivered to our clients with an inventive flair in space planning and interior design. For only a few years of time, VOI Ltd has already developed an all-embracing portfolio of completed projects with various scales of residential apartments and retail shops up to multinational commercial projects.


Zivot Design
We have been designing and decorating private and public spaces. After years of working in the hospitality industry, we know the needs of our clients, so it’s no wonder that our largest number of projects are just arranging restaurants and cafe bars.
Our goal is to bring in our recognizable look and functionality in the places that we decorate. Wood is our main tool but also our great love. And it really brings LIFE into space.
Ebook top +100



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