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Meet the work of Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most successful and one of the best industrial designers in his generation. He has won more than 300 awards and his creations and designs have become legendary. He has over 3000 designs in production and his work can be seen in over 40 countries. But Karim Rashid is also more than a designer as he also got involved in fields such as interiors, fashion, furniture, lighting and art.


Born in Cairo, Egypt and raised in Canada, the prolific designer currently resides in New York where he is managing a private design studio.His work is famous for its simplicity and intrinsic beauty and also for their revolutionary designs. We have selected ten of the most representative furniture designs and we invite you to admire them with us.


Ottawa Collection

This is the Ottawa Collection, a series of furniture and accessories that Karim Rashid has designed for BoConcept. The collection includes a dining room set formed of a table, chairs, a sideboard and a cabinet. The pieces share a minimalist style but this doesn’t make them any less unique and extraordinary.


The dining table has a very light and simple deign but it also hides a very functional structure. The dining chairs have designs inspired by nature and they celebrate the beauty of the leaf. When pushed in, the chairs create a very elegant and beautiful image in combination with the table. The sideboard has colorful inserts that can be used to customize the handles and the ends.karim3

The cabinet also shares graphical and colorful handles that come in two colors, oak and green. You can accessorize this collection with a series of items that include a black and white fingerprint rug, a futuristic pendant lamp, a glass touch lamp and a set of cups.

Float Sofa


This is the Float Sofa that was designed by Karim Rashid for Spanish furniture manufacturer SANCAL. The piece was presented at Salone del Mobile 2012. Its design is also simple but far from ordinary, just like all the designer’s creations. The sofa is composed of a series of rounded and colorful elements with soft shapes and these elements intersect and create a harmonious composition.


The Float sofa has a high back and the seat appears to be floating above the ground. It is supported by sleek wooden legs and an overall natural an inviting look. Moreover, the sofa features modular arms and headrests. It comes with 3 different backs and the upholstery can have either a single color or a combination of colors and fabrics from the collection called Cairo. The colors beautifully complement each other while also creating eye-catching contrasts. The beauty of this piece lies in its playfulness.

Woopy armchair and barstool

karim7 This sleek piece of furniture is called WOOPY and it’s an armchair and bar stool that was designed by Karim Rashid for Italian manufacturer B-Line. It features a simple design with sinuous lines and a high back. The chair is also very comfortable and features soft backrest and armrests. It has a chromium-plated tube that serves as footrest.


This chair is made from a single polyethylene piece and it’s very versatile as it can be used both indoors and outdoors. The curvy chair is available in a series of colors such as white, basalt grey, coral red, amethyst purple, topaz blue and pastel green. Its dimensions are W 30″ D 25.2 H 33.5″. It’s sleek, modern and elegant, perfect for contemporary interior designs. It’s also a sculptural piece of furniture with a fluid shape and an inviting design. It looks attractive from every angle and this makes it effortlessly beautiful.

Unplanned Brutalism

karim9 karim10

These pieces of furniture were part of an exhibition called “Unplanned Brutalism” that was organized at the Tina Kim Gallery in New York. They are all limited edition pieces and impress with their simplicity and uniqueness. Karim Rashid presented six new designs as part of the exhibition and they included variations on lamps, side tables and sofas.


Its glossy finish allows it to stand out even more, especially given the bold range of colors it comes in that include blue, pink as well as gold and silver. Another very interesting piece is the unusual sofa that might not seem very comfortable but that’s actually soft and inviting. The sculptural lamp is another very eye-catching creation.


Sloo Chair


This is the Sloo chair and it’s yet another piece of furniture created by Karim Rashid that doesn’t fail to impress. The chair is part of the Sloo Collection that was created for VONDOM. The chair has a very interesting design. It’s somewhere between liquid plastic and solid material and has a beautiful fluidity combined with clean straight lines.


Sloo is a polyethylene chair with an organic form. The polyethylene resin is a highly resistant material that doesn’t get damaged at impacts and is not affected by extreme temperatures. This makes very durable but also very versatile. As a result, the Sloo chair can be used both indoor and outdoor and it looks beautiful in living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, terraces, porches and basically anywhere else you want to put it. The chair is available in a wide range of finishes and colors which can be combined in numerous ways.

Swivel Armchair


Another one of Karim Rashid’s beautiful creations is the Spline chair. It’s a stylish swivel armchair and it was designed in 2002. The armchair has fire retardant padding and also comes in a fixed version. The base of this piece is made of steel and has a simple and elegant shape.Both the swivel and fixed versions of the armchair share a similar design, the difference between them being the supporting structure which can either be a set of four thin legs or a rounded and fluid shaped-element.


The armchair also features molded polyurethane foam which makes it not only stylish and elegant but also very comfortable. The upholstery is available in both fabric and leather and the colors available are limited at black and white. The armchair has an inviting design and it’s a piece that beautifully complements modern and contemporary interior decors. It has be used in pairs or a single piece.

Koop Chair


This is the KOOP chair and it’s an eye-catching piece of furniture with a very interesting yet simple design. It was created by Karim Rashid for the Finnish furniture manufacturer Martela. The armchair creates a womb-like space and it’s as comfortable as it is beautiful and eye-catching. It’s easy to imagine this chair is a modern space.


But the chair is not only visually interesting and stylish. It’s also very versatile. Because of its simple, fluid and rounded shape without rough edges, this piece is also perfect for playrooms and for family homes as it’s a child-friendly piece of furniture that offers a shape any kid would like. The egg-shaped chair has friendly lines and comes in bright colors. The interior is soft and very comfortable and the shape of the chair also offers the user a sense of privacy. It could look good in a reading corner or even in a home office.

Kairo wooden armchair


This is the KAIRO chair, an extremely simple piece of furniture with an architectural design. It was created by Karim Rashid for RIVA 1920. The collaboration between the two started in 2009 and this piece marks that beginning. The inspiration for the design of this chair came, as the designer itself has declared, from the woodworking process itself.

It’s that process that is used t produce a piece of furniture from a block of wood that has led the designer to create this interesting-looking chair. It’s like a glimpse at how this process evolves and how the block of wood transforms in order to become something else.


The designer also offers some information related to the manufacturing process for this piece. It all starts with a solid cedar block with a square shape. It is then placed inside a machine that shapes the wood until the form you see now is created. Then the final smoothing is done by hand.

Modular Kivas Sofa


It’s no secret that the designer enjoys working with bold and vibrant colors. However, he also likes to offer the option of simple colors and this allows the user to choose between a simple and more elegant décor or something more casual and colorful. The KIVAS sofa comes with one such option.


KIVAS is actually a modular creation that was also designed by Karim Rashid. It’s a convertible sofa made of several separate blocks that can be combined and rearranged in numerous ways. This way your sofa will change its shape and design according to your personal needs. The modules have soft, rounded corners and a simple and playful design. If used separately, they can become comfortable poufs or ottomans. When put together, they form a comfortable sofa. The dimensions are H.70 – P.85 – L. 168 / 229 / 290 and the arrangement options are endless.



Surf Daybed

karim24The last piece we’ve included in this top is called SURF. It was designed by Karim Rashid in 2010 and it’s a comfortable and sleek daybed. The name of this piece is actually quite suggestive. It has the shape of a flowing wave and a continuous and fluid design.The SURF daybed is being manufactures by rotational molding.


One of the details that characterize this technique is the fact that the material is 100% recyclable. This makes the daybed both beautiful and eco-friendly. Moreover, the possibilities in terms of shape that the material can take are endless. SURF is the perfect piece to have by the pool. It’s comfortable and stylish, weather-resistant and, in case you want to know what else makes this piece special, the daybed light up at night. It’s available in a variety of colors, in both gloss and matte finishes as well as bright and neutral shades.

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