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Modern House with a Large Glass Door

We can show today a Modern House with a Large Glass Door. Many homeowners are creative and would not be afraid to explore when it comes to the design of their homes. Well, we have seen that in many home interiors and we cannot deny the fact that there is really nothing harmful when you just try because it would end up really nice and beautiful. Just like the house that we will feature today. The homeowners wanted to create a seamless connection between the interior and the outdoor space. Hence, they opted to demolish one side of the wall and replace it with glass doors – and not just ordinary glass doors!

According to Marston Architects who designed this home, its East facing semi was modified with a new split level addition featuring a skylight on the northern party wall for light to filter through to the lower level. What connect the new living space to the rear garden are Vitrocsa pivot doors, allowing a seamless transition. In the garden, it has an outdoor dining area where the family can enjoy dining together under the sun or under the vast sky. Let us take a look at the house below.Modern House with a Large Glass Door
This home can easily have the interior open up to the outdoors, as a result of designing the entire back wall to be two large pivoting glass doors.
Modern House with a Large Glass Door
When the doors are not opened, it can be closed to create a wall of glass that allows plenty of natural light to flood the interior.
Modern House with a Large Glass Door
The home also features wooden steps that lead to the outdoor space.
The pivoting glass doors used for the house are created by VITROCSA wherein each measure in at a huge 9’10” high by 7’6″ wide (3m high x 2.3m wide). It sure is wide but you can see how it covers the entire living space and links it to the outdoor area.
5-d-house-living 6-d-house-lr
The living room also opens up to the outdoor area through the door. Its seamless connection is undeniable and it made spaces cozier and even more relaxing.
7-d-house-interior Modern House with a Large Glass Door Modern House with a Large Glass Door
The house didn’t have those doors before and even if we do not have a photo of the house before it got a door, we can see its huge impact to the look of the house. This project is done by Marston Architects wherein they created a really nice transition from the interior to the outdoor area of the home.

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