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NYC Celebrity Star Map Infographic

One of the guilty — though largely unspoken — pleasures of living in NYC is going about our daily business in close proximity to some of the world’s most famous personalities. Whether it’s Jay-Z and Beyonce, Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, Lady Gaga, the incomparable Alec Baldwin, or even the legendary David Bowie (a favorite downtown NYC celebrity sighting), the denizens of New York have grown spoiled from constantly bumping into some of the most recognizable celebrities on Earth.

Plotting where over 100 celebrities live in New York (specifically, Manhattan and Brooklyn), the NYC Celebrity Star Map lets you look up your famous neighbors, gloat to friends elsewhere in the country, then swiftly return to pretending you never cared about any of this in the first place.

New York City is populated with the highest concentration of movie, film, television, theater, and sports celebrities of any city in the US. Celebrity sightings, film and television shoots on the streets, and star-studded gatherings in glitzy clubs are such common occurrences that, to New York City residents, they’re just more background noise on the already staticky channel of New York. Like any industry town, it becomes old hat pretty quickly.

The big difference between celebrity life in New York City and other media meccas, such as Los Angeles, is that stars don’t just stay in hotels and visit New York for work; a large number of them own an apartment or house and live here. In fact, given the huge number of celebrities out and about in New York, many celebrities who live here do so because they actually feel like they can experience a degree of anonymity here, go shopping at stores and supermarkets, and enjoy dining out with friends at restaurants like real people do. No matter how big a star you may be elsewhere, in New York City you are in a sparkling universe of celebrities. And that provides any star a certain degree of coverage.


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