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Oscars 2020: Rolex Green Room & Swarovski-Embellished Stage

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The Oscars 2020 was, as always, a star-studded event, with the most famous actors on the planet! Every year, they make sure that everything is displayed with the most precise attention to detail, along with wow-factor traits, that are able to make the Oscars the talk of the week, and also the most awaited event of the year. Join Home And Decoration and discover the exquisite spaces throughout the amazing Dolby Theatre.


Welcome to the night of the stars, the most awaited event: the Oscars. As always, it was a star-studded event, that celebrated the prestigious accomplishments of these professionals in the film industry, such as Joaquin Phoenix, Laura Dern, Brad Pitt, and also the movie Parasite. The truth is that the Hollywood stars weren’t the only ones that shined, but also this all-Swarovski-filled stage.


Responsible for this amazing and crafted stage in the most famous night in Hollywood, was Jason Sherwood. He designed the stage for the Dolby Theatre, with the outstanding count of 40,000 Swarovski Crystals. Although Swarovski has been a constant presence at the Oscars since 2007, Jason Sherwood made his debut, after designing some Broadway productions and Pop Concerts.


Another feature that stood out at the 92nd Edition of the Academy Awards was the Rolex Green Room. Meet the room where the presenters and winners can hang out between their entrance on stage. To promote the utmost exclusivity and sophistication, Rolex was the official sponsor for one of the most important rooms of the Dolby Theatre on the night of the Oscars.


This year, to match Rolex’s Perpetual Planet initiative to protect the planet and combat climate change, the room aims to transport the stars to the glacial landscape of the North Pole. With a cozy and wood-paneled observatory, the celebrities who’ll gather here will gaze upon a white panorama, modeled with foam, where lighting changes to simulate passage from daylight to dusk.


There are also amazing and trendy geographic lines, which are a theme throughout the space. In a nutshell, according to Arnaud Boetsch, the director of communication and image for Rolex, the design is “the beauty and fragility of the environment that Rolex is seeking to protect”. Looking at these amazing pictures, you can see that the result was achieved in the most perfect way, to make justice for the most ostentatious night of the year, the Oscars 2020!


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