London PAD is one of the great fairs taking place attracting people from all over the world for this event.

Is one of the most prestigious fairs and with greater notoriety, for art,design and decorative arts lovers .

This event is unique and generates combinations that surprise us by fusing modern art, photography, design, decoration and tribal Arts creating “interiors” really fascinating and surprising.

The best international galleries, insist on being present at this event, due to the fact that it is an event that brings together the best of what is currently in the panorama of Design and decorative arts.

If you want to purchase high-quality pieces, worthy to be present in museums, here is this opportunity.

Iconic pieces and completely fascinating, full of history, are exposed by the best art galleries across Europe, North America and Asia, which are keen to be present at this event.

PAD gives the opportunity to the creators to show its authenticity and talent, giving full value to freedom of creation and passion for a particular kind of style, fusing several strands that are a source of inspiration for all kinds of design professionals, collectors, art advisors, museums  and other types of public.

These creators, and their pieces with “soul” and history, make this event unique and exciting, an event of reference for many professionals in this area, because it is in him that they found, great sources of inspiration, and trends.

This great event, offers an exceptional panorama of the most coveted and iconic works available on the market today.

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PAD London images PAD LONDON PAD LONDON arik levy PAD london 1

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 PAD LONDON PAD LONDON PAD LONDON front panel pics 3 adrian sassoon


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