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Step Inside A Texas Mansion Designed By Talbot Cooley Interiors

Services of Excellence

Talbot Cooley Interiors are the creative minds behind this amazing interior design project in Texas! This spacious and full of life home is the Holy Grail for interior design aficionados. This design firm focuses on creating sophisticated and unique projects based in Texas, so this amazing home resulted in an exquisite design concept that took full advantage of Talbot Cooley’s keen sense of contemporary French style! The end result is a comfortable yet stylish home that fit what their clients had envisioned. Join Home and Decoration and discover the amazing details of this home!

Photo Credit to Kerry Kirk


The kitchen of the home is designed with luxurious natural materials, such as marble countertops, brass detailing, and wooden flooring. The beams on the ceiling of the room showcase the original structure of the house, providing a rustic element that exhales comfort and familiarity to this Luxury Interior Design project.


Photo Credit to Kerry Kirk


Moving on to the living room, a busy open-floor space containing quality upholstery for maximum comfort, colorful details to brighten the room, and a lot of art pieces that showcase the client’s taste and vision for the home.


Photo Credit to Kerry Kirk




In a more secluded part of the living area, a conference-like large round dining table serves as the focal point of the space, with LUXXU’s McQueen Chandelier as a much-needed lighting source and decorative piece, carrying an air of Luxury Interior Design and eclecticism into the room and perfectly matches the hardware on the dining chairs.


Photo Credit to Kerry Kirk


The bedroom is a welcome change in the home’s overall colorful and busy Luxury Interior Design. With lighter, more muted shades that invite a relaxing ambiance, the clients will be able to get their much-needed rest in this part of their house. Talbot Cooley Interiors captures their client’s expectations and dreams for their home!


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