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Stunning residential and hospitality projects from BAMO.

Today we present you stunning residential and hospitality projects from BAMO.

“We listen well and try to read between the lines… our best work is built upon dynamic relationships with visionary clients.”

projects from BAMO

BAMO is a San Francisco-based company and a collective of interior designers, architects, artists, problem solvers, visionaries, luxury connoisseurs, fun fanatics, detail zealots, award winners, and experience creators. They are obsessed with design, absorbing aesthetic details from art and architecture to fashion and film.

projects from BAMO

projects from BAMO

They travel frequently, index everything, and study how people use space.  They connect and share – in team meetings, Bagel Fridays, festive “First Thursday” gatherings, and around the Nespresso machine.  And together they create the most amazing design experiences.

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projects from BAMO

projects from BAMO

BAMO is comprised of individuals whose talents are recognized throughout the industry.  Expertise, integrity, and versatility have established their reputation, but it’s their personality that ensures working with them is not only rewarding but fun.  Just like their designs, no two designers are the same; each leader brings a unique viewpoint along with their individual strengths and talents.  The result is a wonderful, brilliant, and sometimes quirky band of design luminaries committed to style, attention-to-detail, and great management.

projects from BAMO

projects from BAMO

And that’s why each one of BAMO’s project is purposely planned and distinctive. They don’t have a signature look; instead, having style is their hallmark. From furniture selection and design to full architectural interiors, they’ll make it look and feel gorgeous.

BAMO understands space and how it’s used, especially at the luxury level. Comfortable scale, appropriate materials, well-considered details, and flattering lighting underpin all their designs. By responding to their client’s wishes and the context of the property, they can design with integrity and at a level that resonates with people from all corners of the world.


Be inspired by these amazing projects from BAMO!

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