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The men’s hairstyles through centuries

Men have worn their hair in different styles through the centuries. Often, styles were dictated by location and climate. In some cases, the way a man wore his hair indicated his political or religious beliefs and position. Sometimes, the styles were created to imitate the king.

The earliest men did not know anything about styling hair. For this reason, it was not uncommon for them to have very long scraggly hair, often forming natural dreadlocks. One thing they did do, however, was use bits of bone, feathers, and other substances to decorate their hair to indicate rank and power. This was done to impress members of their own tribe and to frighten enemies.

Cool men’s hair

home and decoration

The 70s were brutal and vulgar but there were some special features as well.


You must go back in time to the late 80’s early 90’s where you came from! If not the space/time continuum will be thrown away!


After 2000s we have reached the trends of new century and that is why there appear a new tendency in men hairstyle.


In 10 years there was another change in this hair industry and here we may see its result.

Today, men wear their hair in an assortment of styles. Some are culturally based. Many follow examples set by other cultures. Still others attempt to create their own unique style through the use of hair length, colors, spikes, and other means.

Home and decoration

The evolution of men’s hairstyles continues even today. Some of the newer styles involve spiking the hair or emulating animated characters. Some older styles are seeing a resurgence in their popularity. Factors that influence the way men style their hair are in a constant state of change.


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